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How to entertain a child

Sometimes I feel like something Surprise the child!! Modern children have ceased to admire simpleThings, they are no longer so easy to surprise. But such entertainment will be successful even for those who do not believe in magic at all. Still: the liquid, which instantly changes its structure under the influence of external factors, can not but interest!

You can play with this stuff as you like. In response to sudden movements, the liquid turns into a simple dough, hardens. From smooth movements the substance spreads like a paint. A fascinating pastime ... watch a video on how to make Non-Newtonian fluid At home. I bet you immediately want to cook it!

How to entertain a child

All you need to make thisA magic substance, is already in your kitchen. You only need to mix starch and water in a 1: 1 ratio. To get a color substance, you can add food coloring. This home esperiment will be remembered by the child for life! Who would have thought that you can brighten up leisure with the help of ordinary starch ...

Show this unusual experiment to friends who have children!