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Six years without alcohol

"I have not been drinking at all for six years. nothing. No champagne, no wine, no beer, all the more nothing is stronger. And for three years in our house there is no Booze. Even on holidays. Although let me start from the beginning.

My childhood was normal. just like others. I remember vouchers for vodka, to which my mother "formed our warehouse". In the cupboard there were many different bottles - "wheat", "metropolitan". No, my mother did not drink it. Vodka was a currency for which it was possible to change batteries or fix a crane, make repairs or something else. Then it was postponed that vodka is something valuable. The most valuable currency. Helping to negotiate and solve problems.

Then there were already wine, champagne, beer. Enough, freely available. And I saw that they drink not only plumbing, but also ordinary people. Everyone drinks. All adults do it. Then this is normal.

Drunk graduates

My dad died in an accident after being drunk. My mother never drank much, did not like alcohol, did not encourage, drank people did not like it. But she lived like everything, as expected. Holidays, birthdays, good wine just like that. Laying on the table, she always went to the store for a bottle. And, probably, still walks, because the guests drink something.

And I remember how they had fun, talked aboutSouls, established ties, tore them at the same table. As adequate adult people from several glasses turned into animals or even vegetables. As the fog clouded their view, the body relaxed, and they began to carry every nonsense. It seemed to me that I would not be. never.

At each Feast I, still a child, watched as adults drink it. How they frown, drink, eat. But still drink - and run after the additive to the store. I was told that when I grow up, I will also drink it. But for the time being, until it grows. Once they gave it a try. "How disgusting!" I thought, and decided that I would not drink it. But programming is a harsh thing: you will become big - you will drink ...

And now you do not notice how you wait already, when are youYou will become an adult. To get into the adult world, you need to go through some kind of initiation. And in our world it's not getting a passport, but the first legal glass. Unfortunately. If you drink with adults at the same table - it means that you grew up. And since you want to grow so much, you start wanting to drink with all of them. Even if it tastes disgusting. I do not for taste, but for status.

In high school we started drinking beer. It seemed safe and right. Paradox, but when we tried cigarettes, I felt ashamed (at my house no one smoked). But when we were drinking beer, there was no shame. As if I only slightly accelerated the running time for myself. As if I had grown a little earlier than necessary. As if there is nothing terrible in this. And for the parents it was normal - sooner or later, because children should Start drinking, correctly?

Belly from beer

Running ahead, I will say that I never liked Taste of alcohol. never. Wine - any - always was sour for me, beer - disgusting, all that is stronger, - simply awful. But despite this, I still drank. Everyone drinks, and I drink. that's right.

At the graduation teacher they drank with us, they say, hereYou grew up. As baptism of fire. And with horror I remember that our classroom, which was always against drinking, after school leaving at one table with us clinked and wine, and the stronger. Until now all the class meetings are held behind a bottle - and the teachers drink on a par with yesterday's students. If the person you respected so many years, thinks it's normal, why should not you think so yourself?

When I was engaged in tourism, our leadersAlways took vodka with them. In case of illness, freezing or something else. It seemed that this is a very cool thing, once he cures everything and immediately. And yes, they also drank with us. When we finished school, when we were 16, we became equal participants in the feast. Songs under the guitar, tents and bottles with hot. Romance, yes?

From my school parallel, a few people are no longer alive. One was slaughtered in a drunken brawl. Another drunk fell under the bus. Someone dopilsya to fever. But I'm thirty-two years old. It's only begining.

And what a feast without drinking, huh? You cover the table for a new year, a birthday, a wedding - for any reason - in the center there should be a bottle. And not one. Count the number of people, estimate the amount of wine, champagne, vodka. this is normal. just like others. It's abnormal if you do not have anything.

When in the first university years we used toBoring, and boringly we used to be constantly (few of us dreamed of becoming a mathematician), we drank beer opposite the institute. When we wanted to relax, we again drank beer. The same thing, a disgusting taste that I never intended to drink. Beer became Best friend of the student.

To pass the test, we often broughtThe teacher in a package of expensive whiskey or cognac. Once the teacher even made us drink with him. You will drink four. A good toast to say - five. Do not drink - retake.

We drank with our parents at home - and on holidays, and just like that. together. for company. And then it seemed normal. But now for some reason it does not seem at all.

Alcohol has become so indispensable in the ordinaryLife, it is so much in life, even those who are not an alcoholic, that now I'm scared. Scary to see on the playgrounds of kids who clink glasses, playing in the new year. It's scary to see very young schoolchildren with beer. It's terrible to look at young mothers with strollers and beer cans. fearfully. Now scary.

But then it was not scary. Then it seemed normal. Despite the fact that I did not like the taste, the desire to be an adult and how everything - outweighed. Alcohol gave a kind of relaxation - it was easier for him to dance in discos, to talk heart to heart, have fun. Or it just seemed like it was easier with him. Moreover, it was never forbidden, was not considered shameful. You understand? Drinking is normal, you just need to grow, that's all.

I was not dependent on him. Or it seemed to me, what was not? Over time, I learned to dance just like that, without a glass. And relax, and have fun. But every holiday on the table I was waiting for a bottle. Already expensive Italian good wine, which, they say, is even useful.

Only here in the morning, even from the glass somehowHis head hurt badly, the state of corruption did not allow him to do ordinary things. Strange, because the wine is so useful ... it seemed strange not to put a bottle of champagne in the new year on the table. But how do you make a wish? And how to receive birthday greetings?

Women in this place a little easier. Once you get pregnant, and you need to do without all this - even on holidays. And such a reason seems respectful to everyone, no one sticks, everyone understands. There is another valid reason - antibiotics. There are no more valid reasons for refusal.

If you are not pregnant and do not drink antibiotics, according to the logic of ordinary people you should drink. You're a little bit, for health. Even if you are a nursing mother, this does not hurt the milk ...

Pregnancy and childbirth gave me the opportunityTry another life. alcohol-free. And although my elder eight, without alcohol I live six years. After he was born, I returned to wine on holidays. And the second pregnancy taught me to listen to myself - and to hear. I learned to give up. As well as from meat - without making of this event. Quietly. Just drink juice or water. Without accents.

And three years ago a little miracle happened. My husband and I accidentally got to the lecture of Zhdanov. Maybe you heard about him. And what he said, so caught me that I could not tear myself away. The lecture was a breeze. And I realized - not in vain. Not just because my body is against this poison. Not just so I never liked this taste. And not just because I feel different now, when there is no alcohol in me.

My husband stopped drinking the same evening. Although he loved wine, beer, champagne. And since then there is no alcohol in our house at all. Yes, there were difficult periods when my husband habitually brought beer, I used to hiss as usual. But, thank God, these were temporary difficulties.
Moreover, now in our circle of friends not to drink - this is the norm.

Imagine, you no longer need to answer the question: "What do not you drink?" You no longer need to justify yourself, look for arguments, lie. Nobody drinks. There is no alcohol. And all is well. All fun. Feasts pass warmly and sincerely. It turns out that this is also possible.

And at this moment you realize that you are cruelCheated. From the very childhood they deceived. Not parents and not relatives, but the system itself. A system that explains to children that alcohol is good, but only for adults. And not every alcohol is good, but only expensive, special. It is even useful. A system that "conducts research", which prove that beer and wine are very necessary products for us. A system that takes you into circulation when you still do not understand anything. Takes and programs.

And you have no choice. Formally it is, but in fact it is not. All drink, all adults drink. And if you want to be an adult and want to be like everyone else - you also drink. You're not an alcoholic, it's just beer or wine. But you get used to it. You get used to relaxing like this, with a bottle. You get used to living any pain with a glass in your hand. You get used to celebrating holidays like that. Get used to Have fun only under degree.

Most crimes are committed under a degree. Most random connections are the same. Like most errors (for example, treason, quarrel, attempts to return the past).

It is terrible that many children are conceived in this way, andThen they are also "washed". It's terrible that the life of a young family begins with this. It's terrible that the bottle becomes an idol in the center of the table - instead of an icon or even a flower. It's terrible that this is how we meet the new year and program our future. It's terrible that we celebrate our birthdays like this.

You do not think about what poison gets in yourBody, what consequences will be. Especially for women. Because all the eggs are in our body since birth. Which means that every glass and every glass kill our children, make them weaker, take away their health and intelligence.

You do not know that alcohol is excreted from the body for several years. That during this time many organs of your body will suffer very much. And most importantly Alcohol will dull the mind. You generally do not think much about it at this age. Hardly becoming an adult, you live on a rolled-in program, like everyone else.

I do not drink six years. And you know, this is a special degree of freedom. When you can experience any feelings without doping - both joy and pain. When you have to pour something into yourself in order to open a soul to someone. When you can control yourself in any situation, during any holiday. When you are not ashamed then to look at photos from the event. When you are not ashamed to look your children in the eyes. When you realize that they will never see alcohol at home. And God grant, for them it will never become the norm. Even a glass of wine on holidays or a bottle of beer in the evening.

It is a pity that our parents did not know this. It is good that we can now change our lives. I'm not proud of what was in my life before, "like everyone else." I really would like to fix the brains of the girl who was not going to do anything wrong. But there is no time machine. I hope that I will be able to show a true example to my children. I really hope. "

Olga Valyaeva

This instructive story should convince you that you can have a good time without the use of alcohol. it is even better! Because in the morning you will not have a headache and you will be Feel great. Listen to the history of this woman and change your life for the better.

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