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How to Entertain Children

It is very difficult for young children to sit on onePlace. They constantly need to move and know the world around them. These nepetsedam are interested in everything and they really want to share their discoveries with mom and dad.

Even if you have a very laborious job or a lot of housework, try to allocate a little time to your child and teach him to do something new.

"so simple!" Collected for you 10 original ways that will help you take your child.

How to entertain children

  1. Airplane from straw
    Airplane from straw

    Take heavy paper and make from it three strips measuring 2.5 cm in width and 13 cm in length. Using scotch tape, two of these strips together, enclosing them in a circle.

    From the third, too, make a circle. Put one end of the straw inside the small circle, the other - large and fix them with adhesive tape. Such a plane flies better than usual.

  2. Rainbow of soap bubbles
    Rainbow of soap bubbles

    Take a plastic bottle and cut off the end. Then pull on the resulting hole in the hole and secure it with adhesive tape. Drip on the toe with food colors. Mix the dishwashing detergent with a little water. After that, dip a sock into this mixture and you can calmly blow out rainbow bubbles.

  3. Extraordinary tennis

    An alternative to regular tennis can be a competition using disposable plates, ice cream sticks and a balloon.

  4. Prepare a toast with a rainbow
    Toast with a rainbow

    The paint can be made from condensed milk and food colors. All the rest depends on yours with the child of imagination.

  5. Towers
    Towers of glasses

    Plastic cups can be used to build towers.

  6. Soapy cloud
    Soapy cloud

    Putting soap in the microwave, you can give the child a real soap cloud.

  7. A musical instrument made of straws
    A musical instrument made of straws

    Take the 6-8 straws and cut them into different parts. Cut the strip of scotch and arrange the straws in order - from short to longest. Fix the resulting tool with an adhesive tape.

  8. Baby sumo
    Baby sumo

    Taking cushions and daddy t-shirts, you can arrange sumo wrestling.

  9. darts

    Paste the tape on the floor and play in outdoor darts.

  10. Classics

    Draw a field for the "classics" or any other game with the help of ordinary insulating tape. Now you can play not only in the summer.

Your children will fall in love with these games as soon as you show them to them. Now you can allocate a little time and for yourself, while your children are busy Original games!!