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Box for kittens

Everyone knows that Cats Feed an inexplicable love of boxes. One mistress invented for her three lovely pets interesting fun, in which the animals are playing day and night, without looking up for anything else.

It's hard to believe that just an ordinary box with round holes can attract so much attention. This video proves that as much as it can!

Box for kittens

In this video, three kittens with inexhaustible energy rush through the box, climbing through the holes in it, grabbing each other by the tails and playing catch-up. Touching showsE even for those who are not accustomed to sentimentality!

This "house" is more than easy to do! Take any box, for example from shoes, and cut out six large round holes in it.

You can take a bigger box and make more passes, so it will only be more fun! all is ready?

Release a brother, and you can watch their play and fun. The joy of kittens will not be the limit! Share this simple, but brilliant idea with friends who have seals.