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The danger of swimming in the pool

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (cdc) made a shocking statement: the number of cases of infection with tiny parasites Cryptosporidia. How can you catch this parasite? No, this is not due to the fact that some reptile decided to urinate in the pool.

Danger of swimming in the pool

"Cryptosporidium is the genus of the simplest, unicellular organisms that cause diseases of the human gastrointestinal tract that spread through Public swimming pools, Water parks, whirlpool baths, fountains and streams polluted with sewage or faeces of animals ", Explains Amar Safdar, MD, associate professor and infectious diseases specialist from New York University.

From 2004 to 2008 the number of cases of thisThe disease increased by 200%, and in 2011-2012, there were 90 outbreaks of this disease. 1 788 people were infected, 95 were hospitalized, and one died. The most terrible thing is that these are only official figures!

The easiest way is to pick up this parasite by accidentally swallowing a little water from the pool, but you can also get infected without just washing your hands before you go to the hotel for dinner.

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Why are these parasites dangerous?

One of the most common manifestations of infection with cryptosporidia is diarrhea. Or, in our opinion, diarrhea. It is almost impossible to avoid. This infection strongly hurts by immunity, that is, it works as a vise: it is almost impossible to detect, and it is possible to pick up anything thanks to this parasite.

It is important to remember that infection can be detected only after a minimum of 7 days after infection.

"The most important factor contributing to outbreaks of infection is insufficiently cleaned pools"Says the American doctor.

How to protect yourself from infection?

Completely secure yourself can only by giving up water procedures in the pool. You need to sunbathe on the beach, and swim in the sea.

Only then can you be sure thatPick up this insidious parasite. But if you still can not refuse going to the pool, be attentive to any changes in your body, in time to see a doctor.