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Ballerina from napkins and wire

There are times when there is littleFree time and I want to devote myself to something creative. Why not make a beautiful decoration for the house and combine business with pleasure? There are many master classes, but this involves creating, perhaps, the most gentle and sweet thing with your own hands and at the same time very simple.

Try to make a delightful ballerina from Napkins and wire. If you have a daughter, then you just have to show her how this beauty is made, and make such a craft with her.

Ballerina from napkins and wire

You will need

  • Napkins
  • PVA glue
  • wire
  • water
  • Brushes
  • a thread


  1. First you need to create a framework that will be the body for the future doll. Make it of wire.
  2. Ballerina from napkins and wire

  3. Dilute the adhesive with water in a separate jar and allow the liquid to infuse. Rinse the napkins into small pieces and wind them onto the wire rod. But before this, apply diluted glue to the substrate.
  4. Ballerina from napkins and wire

    Ballerina from napkins and wire

  5. When the ballerina is completely enveloped in napkins, gently spread it with a small amount of glue solution. Let me dry.
  6. Ballerina from napkins and wire

  7. Now for the ballerina you need to make a pack. Fold the napkin in half in such a way as to make a blank for the snowflake. Should be a sharp triangle. Slightly cut the bottom of the dress to make the skirt round.
  8. Now wrap the triangle clockwise and in the opposite direction to get the folds on the future skirt.
  9. Make a hole for the head and put it on the base. To look even more beautiful, you need to make two skirts. In the waist, tighten the dress with a thread.
  10. Ballerina from napkins and wire

    Ballerina from napkins and wire

Beautiful ballerina Ready! Making such a beauty is quite simple, the main thing is to have some free time and desire.

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