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Decor at home using plastic covers

A resident of the Krasnoyarsk region glorified her village under the name kamarchaga far outside the country. It's all about her unusual passion - a woman creates Decor of ordinary lids From plastic bottles. What ordinary people throw out, without hesitation, Olga's bone turns into a real work of art.

This amazing woman does not lose time on retirement, but uses it worthily to make the world around her even more beautiful.

How to use caps from plastic bottles

This mosaic on the woman's house consists of 30,000 caps from plastic bottles.

The story began with the fact that a decent number of lids were collected in the Olga house, and the woman began to think about how to deal with them.

And the idea arose that lids can be used to Create mosaics.

Now everyone knows this house, his photos instantly dispersed on the Internet.

And the hostess also became a local celebrity.

Well, when there are such people. They decorate our life, making it more bright and joyful. Is it possible to pass this house and not look at the wonderful drawings? hardly. So do not hesitate to show creativity, and who knows, maybe the next hero of our article will be you?