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Brilliant devices

You, probably, for a long time have understood, that progress does not stand on a place: daily resourceful Inventors Invent all sorts of things to make our life even better.

While you sit idly by, many scientists and designers around the world work hard to develop incredible devices that will greatly simplify your life.

All this is done so that you put a minimum of effort and not soared over Everyday problems.

"so simple!" Prepared for you another dose wellJust really great things that you immediately want to have at home. With such adaptations, everyday life will become much easier. I bet some of them will surprise you!

Ingenious devices

  1. Plug with ring
    It will be necessary for everyone who often forgets to turn off household appliances from the outlet, - the "smart" ring flashes, reminding about it.
    Plug with ring
  2. Portable Keyboard for smartphone
    Portable keyboard
  3. Original soap dish
    Soap dish
  4. Special knife for "nutella"
  5. Chopping board with built-in weights
    cutting board
  6. Flat pocket light bulb
    Flat light bulb
  7. Casserole
  8. Toaster knife
  9. Cushion with speakers
    Cushion with speakers
  10. Shower with water temperature indicator
  11. Mug
  12. Water resistant keyboard
  13. Shales with a secret
  14. Extension cord in the outlet
  15. Scotch tape that comes off easily

  16. Convenient stand for eating in the car
    Stand for food
  17. Folding shower
    Folding shower
  18. Slippers that wash the floor
    Slippers wash the floor
  19. Umbrella for two
    Umbrella for two
  20. special Banana knife
    Banana knife
  21. Slippers that glow in the dark
  22. Potato cleaner
    Potato cleaning

I already want to have some of these devices at home. For example, I am delighted with the umbrella for two, and also from the cutting board with built-in weights - it's a very necessary thing in any kitchen.

Share with your friends photos of these ingenious inventions, suddenly, and many of them will like them.