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New Kitchen Inventions

Designers are also people. They often have to spend time in the kitchen and prepare food for their loved ones. Talent is not slumbering, so the creative approach to ordinary household things has become a familiar phenomenon.

Look at these wonderful New inventions for the kitchen: They are beyond praise. So original and useful these kitchen appliances that it is impossible to convey in words. Surrounded yourself with such things in the kitchen, you will cook in ecstasy!

  1. Rub the back of the hedgehog carrot.
  2. Grater in the form of a hedgehog

  3. Form for ice, Which demonstrates that pure drinking water is a jewel.
  4. Form for ice

  5. A lid in the form of a ferry will entertain young and not very culinary people.
  6. A lid in the form of a ferry

  7. In this kitchen the knives are held by a Spartan!
  8. Knife holder

  9. Rocking chair with a print. well well!
  10. Rocking chair

  11. What do you think, what can a magic wand with a star do? You will not believe it, but it's a salt shaker.
  12. Salt shaker

  13. Cozy Ice tongs.
  14. Ice tongs

  15. Toast with pandochka is just a dream. Thanks to special molds this is possible!
  16. Panda Forms

    Panda Forms

    Panda Forms

  17. Egg shape In the form of a skull. Something is not right ...
  18. Egg shape

    Egg shape

  19. A cannon that cooks popcorn!
  20. Popcorn machine

  21. A little cynical stand for hotter.
  22. Stand under the hot

    Stand under the hot

  23. To shake a knife on a shark is more interesting than just sharpening a knife!
  24. Knife Sharpener

  25. same Tea strainer, Which pretends to be a walrus! Delightful sky color ...
  26. Tea strainer

  27. A memorable set of plates for sushi.
  28. Sushi Plates

  29. It's best to get a spaghetti dinosaur!
  30. scoop

  31. Form for ice In the form of a brain.
  32. Form for ice

These interesting Kitchen inventions Prove that you can decorate any thing. Enough to live in a boring world, it's time to create a fascinating reality around yourself. If everyone takes care to be surrounded by beautiful objects that raise the mood, the overall level of happiness will increase significantly.

Give an original invention to a friend, infect it with an unusual look at the world!