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15 films about the family

Cinema is a kind of entertainment that makes it possible to relax and relax. But there are films that also make you think and Rethink life.

"so simple!" Prepared for you a selection of 15 films about what are family values, relationships in marriage, true feelings and love in general.

If you like melodramas or just kind films about tender feelings, then you will gladly watch this movie.

Family films

  1. Sweet November / sweet november
    This film is infinitely complex and very simple, withoutA single special effect and at the same time unreal, amazingly beautiful. And this beauty is in the eyes of the main characters, in the smile of Sarah, in her wonder dogs, and, of course, in beautiful music ...
    Sweet November
  2. P.s. I love you / p.s. I love you
    This film should see everyone. He is magnificent, this love story will not leave indifferent even the most stale person.

    This is one of the few films that make people cry and laugh, laugh and cry at the same time.

    P.s. I love you

  3. Diary of memory
    The film is so exciting nerves that he wants to look again and again. The story of two people who loved each other passionately.

    They themselves went to their goal, bravely stepping through all the obstacles that they encountered on the way. They loved, they waited ...

    diary of member

  4. Simple complexities / it's complicated
    "Simple complications" is the story of one woman who is between two men - an architect lover and a former husband.

    Jane lived most of her life surroundedLoved and loved by her people, works in her own restaurant and, in general, achieved what she always wished, with the exception of relations with her second half ...

    Simple difficulties

  5. True lies / true lies
    In this film, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a secret agent under cover. Even his own wife thinks he's an ordinary computer dealer.

    But, of course, all the secret becomes obvious and then the most interesting begins ...

    True lie

  6. Family man
    Jack - a successful broker, goes to the "Ferrari", lives in a penthouse and loves expensive things. He is satisfied with his life, he does not need anything.

    By the will of fate Jack is forced to get into the skin of a simple hard worker, the seller of tires from the car-care center, with his wife and two children ...

    family man

  7. Indecent proposal
    A film about rushing feelings ... two people who are passionately fond of each other and a difficult life situation.

    They were trapped in the circumstances, from which they decided to get out, trusting in the will of the case - having believed in the goddess of fortune, they went to torture their fortune in the city of dreams and ringing coins of Las Vegas!

    Indecent proposal

  8. Rent a child / rent-a-kid
    A successful entrepreneur, becoming a temporary director of an orphanage, begins to implement his ideas for a more successful orphanage in new families.

    The first thing under his hot hand and to some extent immoral reform are two brothers and their little sister ...

    Rent a child

  9. Love and pigeons
    Despite the absence of a dashingly twisted plot andThe fact that this story is as old as the world, it absolutely does not need any assessments or reviews, because it is simple and truly sincere.

    Then she laughed heartily, after five minutes she cried heartily, everything as in life - a strip of black, a strip of white ...

    Love and pigeons

  10. Autumn in new york / autumn in new york
    The story of beautiful and pure love. Clean even despite such a huge difference in the age of the partners. He is rich, and damn attractive to his almost 50.

    She is smart, beautiful and so coquettish as all men like. It would be illogical if a fire did not break out between them. And most importantly - none of them are embarrassed that he was a "friend" of her mother.

    Autumn in new york

  11. Unfaithful
    Heroine dian lane, horse, everything was in life: a wonderful and loving husband ed, successful work and well-adjusted life.

    But in an instant everything begins to crumble before our eyes,And the reason for this - the accidental acquaintance with the field of the Martel - French-second-hand bookshop. The horse becomes literally a victim of animal passion, the consequences of which will be unpredictable.


  12. Story about us / the story of us
    "The story about us" is a kind of conditional continuationTales of lovers, the life of a man and a woman, from the moment when they, being newlyweds, merge into a tender kiss, and someone, like an invisible brush, writes a "happy end". so what is next? What will happen next?
    Story about us
  13. Spring hopes / hope springs
    Our heroes lived together for 31 years, the term is notSmall, life is lived in vain, there are wonderful children, grandchildren, your home, a quiet life, but the problem is that living together, they alone, like two people, strangers to each other, rent an apartment.

    And all the time in this picture they devoted their search to the way back to a world where touch is not a luxury, a kiss is not an excuse, and sex is not reconciliation.

    Spring hopes

  14. Overboard / overboard
    The plot is simply stunning. You do not have to get bored from the very beginning to the end. In the best traditions of the comedy genre there are many funny moments, funny jokes and sayings.
  15. Vow
    The oath is a wonderful, simple, gentle, sincere film, after watching which there is only a positive impression.

    Such films make it clear that life is one, and anything can happen to us, everything in our life can change, but only love remains with us forever!

    Film of oath

Watch these movies with your Second half, And you will see that the feelings will burst with renewed vigor and the long-lost romance will come to life!

If your friends also like melodramas, tell them about these films!