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Inventions for kitchen

Do you think that in the kitchen you canTo reconstruct? How you want everything to be in order, all things were under your care and helped you in the process of cooking your favorite dishes! Well, this is a natural desire, and no one will judge you if you begin to rave about these new Unique inventions for the kitchen.

Simple solutions are so often needed! See how scientists and designers have coped with the task of making the kitchen the most functional place in the apartment.


The best gadgets for the kitchen

  1. What do you think of the pull-out cutting board?
  2. Retractable cutting board

  3. Even better - a cutting board that can be pushed directly above the trash can. Now it is so easy to sweep unnecessary trash into garbage!
  4. cutting board

  5. Retractable additional table for cooking. The ideal solution for Small kitchens!!
  6. Table for cooking

  7. Boxes in the corners are extremely roomy.
  8. Boxes in the corners

  9. Retractable Stands for knives Next to the stove. It is more convenient you will not think up!
  10. Retractable knife stand

  11. A locker for garbage. A good option for those who are morally ready to sort the garbage and dispose of it by all the rules.
  12. Garbage box

  13. Retractable Drawers for dishes, Which will help to carefully store the most expensive services. Special fasteners fix plates and cups.
  14. Drawers for dishes

  15. the place for Storage of spices: Sliding panels behind the plate open an aromatic corner. Lovers of spicery nod approvingly, looking at this picture.
  16. Spice storage room

  17. A cupboard for dishes that will ensure order in the kitchen. Everything has its place!
  18. Cupboard

  19. A box for spices, in which everything is in sight.
  20. Spice box

  21. Cabinet that allows you to store kitchen boards and other items in an upright position. In it is placed much more things!
  22. cupboard

  23. Even a microwave can be placed behind the door of the locker ...
  24. Cabinet for microwave oven

  25. Box with containers for storing cereals and flour. Need urgently!
  26. Box storage box

  27. The maximum use of space is a pledge of a wisely planned kitchen. Polochki in the most unexpected places help to distribute Kitchen utensils Flawlessly.
  28. Shelves

  29. Locker cup: storage and preparation of coffee in one cupboard.
  30. Coffee cupboard

Try to make your kitchen more comfortable, and you'll cook at home more often! The kitchen can be a real oasis of relaxation and a favorite place in the house, most importantly - correctly Organize space And things.

These inventions are simple, but significantly facilitate Cooking process. Remember the most interesting ideas and implement them in your own kitchen, why not?

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