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Stylish things and inventions

Every day there is such a huge amount of new stylish things and inventions that they are simply physically impossible to fit in your house. But it's simply impossible to pass by some. "so simple!" Prepared for you 35 stylish and original things, seeing that at least once you immediately want to buy them.

Stylish things

  1. Sunshield
  2. Sunshield

  3. Coffee table on balls - household levitation from Christopher Duffy
  4. Coffee table on balloons

  5. Butterfly bench
  6. Butterfly bench

  7. Hanger for those who do not like to put things together
  8. clothes hanger

  9. Magnetic clock with metal shavings
  10. Magnetic clock

  11. humidifier
  12. humidifier

  13. Designer watches nomon in a minimalist style
  14. Designer watches

  15. "Spartan" knife block
  16. Knife block

  17. Vinyl sink
  18. washing

  19. A device with which you can increase the amount of foam in beer
  20. Device for foam on beer

  21. Organizer for cosmetics and stand for smartphone and tablet
  22. Cosmetic organizer

  23. Mug with basketball basket
  24. Cup

  25. Stylish wall mirror
  26. Wall mirror

  27. Grater
  28. Grater

  29. Tactical laser pizzer
  30. Pizzeria

  31. Device for cutting French fries
  32. For cutting potatoes

  33. Glasses for whiskey
  34. Glasses for whiskey

  35. Frying pan with 8 divisions
  36. Griddle

  37. Chopped mushroom table
  38. Mushroom table

  39. Sauna for cats and dogs
  40. Sauna for cats

  41. Air balloon chandelier
  42. Chandelier-balls

  43. Silicone pads to avoid drying products
  44. Silicone pads

  45. Bio-fireplace for comfort in the apartment
  46. Biofireplot

  47. Bracelet magwear - not a single screw will be lost!
  48. Bracelet-magnet

  49. Dispenser for honey
  50. Dispenser for honey

  51. Multitool spoon
  52. Multitool spoon

  53. A glass-vinometer will tell you when to stop in time, so that the next morning life seemed fine, and health was normal.
  54. Glass-wine tester

  55. A multi-adapter that looks like a folding knife
  56. Multiadapter

  57. A glass with the ability to pour portions of batter onto a baking tray or into molds
  58. glass

  59. Knife for cutting watermelon and melon
  60. Watermelon knife

  61. Massage at home
  62. Massage at home

  63. Corn picker and collector
  64. For corn

  65. A smart water tap that checks if the bacteria are on hand
  66. Water tap

  67. Golden goose whipped eggs in the shell
  68. Eggs in shell

  69. Cutlery for those who want to lose weight
  70. cutlery

It's time to save money, because I certainly want to buy at least half of these things! If you also had such a desire - tell us about these useful items to your friends!