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Handy for Easter

Very soon there will come a wonderful and brightEaster holiday. Every year Orthodox Christians are waiting for it with impatience, and preparation for this holiday is for the majority only a joy. So that the holiday is remembered for a long time, you can not only paint your eggs and bake cakes, but also make kids happy, making them with them Original crafts.

"so simple!" Offers you to make a decorative egg from a rope, filled with small chocolate sweets in the form of eggs. Excellent Idea for easter, Which does not take much time and energy!

Decorative rope egg

  1. Take a cardboard tube and put a ball on it on one side.
  2. Pass through it small chocolate sweets in the form of eggs, so that they are in a ball. Make sure all the candies are in the ball. If not, you can lightly blow it into the pipe.
  3. Take off the ball. Inflate it and tie it well.
  4. Pour the adhesive in a bowl and dilute it with a little water.
  5. Take a hank of thread or rope and soak them in glue. Look, do not lose the end of the thread.
  6. You can add food coloring to color the rope.
  7. Tie one end of the thread to the ball and gradually wrap it around the ball.
  8. Put the bowl on a plate so that it will dry well.
  9. In a day, take a needle and pierce the ball.
  10. Scissors lightly through the rope cut open the broken ball to get the opportunity to get the candy.

Ready! More detailed instructions can be found in the video.

If you liked the idea, try to translate it on the weekend. It does not take long and will give joy to you and the children!

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