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Alternative Easter eggs

Decorate the house for Easter unusual Mini-garden, Which will please the eye and fill yourHousing a fresh spring mood. Easter - the holiday of the awakening of nature from sleep, a symbol of the onset of spring. An excellent idea for the Easter decor will be this wonderful landing in the eggshell.

Plants that will germinate in just a week,Decorate any room! To create an original garden you will need an empty egg shell. Gently cut, remove the top of the shell. Wash it well, insert paper inside, add some water and seeds. Put the shell in a well-lit place and wait until fresh green sprouts appear. And most importantly - do not forget to funnyly decorate improvised Pots for plants From the egg shell! Watch a video on how you can do it.

Mini-garden in an egg-shell

An incomparable idea for everyone who loves the elementsLiving nature in the interior! Such a mini-garden for Easter can be done with the child. The baby will be interested in watching how the grass grows more and more every day. The shell can be painted with acrylic paints, decorated with rhinestones and beads, wrapped in colorful threads. Better than a holiday can only be a preparation for the holiday!

Show this cheerful garden to your relatives, for sure everyone in the reserve will find plants' seeds, Which can be planted in an egg shell.