/ / Homeless spent $ 100 on food for others

Homeless spent $ 100 on food for others

The events in this video began as a normal Social experiment, But grew into something more. Josh and his friends decided to give a normal homeless a decent amount, and then to track on what and how he would spend it. The purpose of the experiment was a certain Thomas, who begged for food near the road with a simple cardboard box. The poor guy was simply stunned by the fact that he was given a hundred dollars just like that, thanked the guy and quickly left his place. The guys secretly followed the Thomas to the doors of a small shop.

The homeless went there, and after a whileCame out with two bulky black bags. The guys immediately thought that Thomas just bought booze for all the money, as the beggars often do. However, his further act shook them to the core. The homeless began to look in the streets of his comrades in misfortune and give them the products that he bought for the money donated to him!

Human kindness

Guys, dumbfounded by the development of events, stoppedHide, and Josh once again talked to Thomas. The history of the homeless person was unenviable. He used to live with his parents and was an ordinary citizen. Two years ago, Thomas had Quit workTo care for a sick stepfather, howeverStill died of cancer. Two weeks later, followed by the mother of our hero, who had problems with the kidneys. For the treatment went all the family's money, accumulated debts, and Thomas was on the street.

However, he did not descend and remained realMan! I hasten to reassure you - this story does not end at a meeting between Josh and Thomas. Now the guys are collecting money to help the homeless, and soon he will return to normal life. As you see, retribution comes to man for good deeds, along with Good thoughts. Because the fact that Thomas was able to remain a real person, and predetermined what happened next!

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