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Wall of wine corks

Kitchen - truly a holy place in the house, and there should be cozy! You can create coziness in different ways, of course, but wise hosts always prefer something unusual.

A unique atmosphere has a festive mood every day! The idea of ​​making a wall of wine stoppers is original and easy enough to perform.

If you have a collection of these things, find it worthy of use. With the help of traffic jams, you can decorate both small and large sections of the wall, it all depends on the number of elements.

Wall of wine corks

Cork wall

You will need

  • The correct number of wine plugs
  • Building glue
  • stationery knife
  • Cut glass cut to size
  • drill
  • Glass fasteners


  1. Traffic jams do not happen much! To decorate a wall of impressive dimensions, as shown in the pictures below, it took about 1,200 traffic jams. For better adhesion to the wall surface, the plugs must be cut along.
  2. Cork wall

  3. Before you glue the plugs, the wall is better to paint in a dark color - the gaps between the corks will be less noticeable.
  4. Cork wall

  5. Be patient and start sticking. Lubricating each half of the cork with glue, imagine the final result, so it's easier to carry out laborious work.
  6. Cork wall

  7. Of course, you do not need to plug out the sockets ...
  8. Cork wall

  9. The upper plugs can be trimmed carefully, a straight line will be obtained.
  10. Cork wall

  11. To protect the plugs from dirt and water, it is necessary to fix the glass on top. Reliable attachments and accuracy guarantee success!
  12. Cork wall

  13. Sockets are attached over the glass.
  14. Cork wall

    Cork wall

  15. In the end it turned out to be a really terrific solution for the kitchen decor! Very cozy and harmonious.

Cork wall

Cork wall

Natural materials Will always look good in the interior. Cork tree is unusual for its texture, cork is of different shades, with intricate patterns. If the wine in your house is a popular drink, collecting the right amount of traffic jams will not be a big problem.

In addition, you can always ask for some traffic jams in the restaurant. Usually bartenders have a special capacity to store such jams, because they can be used in many different ways.

Show your friends how you can decorate the wall of your kitchen. Throwing out traffic jams was a big mistake ...