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Drying the body

Burn fat, and leave muscle! If you are doing sports and want to dry the body, make it more embossed, To remove subcutaneous fat, And not lose weight due to muscle loss, you need carbohydrate fasting - a diet with a minimum content of carbohydrates.

When a person loses weight with the help of a normal diet, very often fat remains, and weight loss occurs due to the reduction of muscle mass. It makes the body weak, slows down metabolism, And the appearance of a thin lucky person is far from bright pictures, usually attached to diets.

To get rid of excess weight it is necessary with mind - only sports and the balanced food guarantee safe growing thin which will transform your appearance and will not cause to health any damage. Carbohydrate starvation - for the most persistent, but more effective method of losing weight simply does not exist.

Diet for body drying

Drying of the body

The right approach to drying the body is the basis of success. Remember: Playing sports During drying are mandatory, then it will give the maximum visible effect.

Choose any loads to your liking: Running, gym, cycling, active long walking. To the sport add the right diet. With a deficiency of glucose in the body is the splitting of fat, and that's what we are striving for. Therefore refuse from the products containing glucose.

At a carbohydrate fasting it is possible and it is necessary to eat such products

  1. buckwheat
  2. Rice
  3. lean meat
  4. Eggs
  5. Beans
  6. vegetables
  7. cottage cheese
  8. Unsweetened fruit
  9. milk

It is better to forget about these products

  1. Sweets - replace honey
  2. Flour products - replace with porridges, but not more than 200 g per day
  3. Milk fat - only low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt, milk
  4. Animal fats - replace with fish

Basic rules of nutrition

  1. Support metabolism with the help of fractional nutrition.
  2. A day, drink at least 2.5 liters of clean water.
  3. In the evening, do not eat porridge.
  4. Count the calories and reduce their consumption.
  5. Do not eat 2 hours before and after the workout after 2 hours.

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1 Week: From carbohydrates should be discarded gradually. Eat porridge, eggs, cottage cheese, white fish. Give up salt and oil, use spices, but in small quantities.

2 week: Eat as much as possible vegetables, the consumption of cereals is reduced.

3 week: It is desirable to take vitamins, drink fluid inSufficient quantity. If there are unpleasant sensations - a smell from the mouth, a slight dizziness, a weakness - drink a little sweet fruit juice. Of course, this means for an extreme case. Deterioration of state of health at this stage is caused by the accumulation of ketone bodies in the body, for the dissolution of which glucose is needed.

4 and 5 weeks: Food is the same as in 2 weeks - strict.

More than 5 weeks of drying can not be done!

this Meal plan Does not suffer a sharp exit - add to your diet carbohydrates gradually, otherwise all the lost weight will return with interest.

Get a notebook and write down what you eat, it will help to control the menu and there is nothing forbidden and unnecessary. Everything will turn out if you take the matter seriously! Tell us about, How to dry, Friends - this diet is amazing with its effectiveness.