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What can be done from glass jars?

Usually we use glass jars For canning products For the winter, and recently it has become popularUse them also for making desserts or cocktails. But you probably never thought that from cans you can make frames for photos, containers for spices and much more interesting ...

"so simple!" Prepared for you 21 ideas, How to use glass jars.

Ordinary banks for the interior

  1. picture frame
  2. Photo frame from cans

  3. Candlestick with floating candles
  4. Candlestick from a can

  5. pencil sharpener
  6. Jar sharpener

  7. Luminous jars
  8. Luminous jars

  9. Beach in the bank
  10. Seashells in a jar

  11. Mini containers for spices
  12. Spice container

  13. bird feeders
  14. bird feeders

  15. For storing various trifles in the bathroom
  16. Container for small things

  17. hive
  18. Beehive

  19. Torches
  20. Candles in cans

  21. Chandeliers
  22. Chandeliers from cans

  23. Salt shaker and pepper
  24. Salt shaker and pepper

  25. Natural air fragrance
  26. Air fragrance

  27. Green corner
  28. Bank land

  29. Cans with luminous sticks
  30. Cans with luminous sticks

  31. Colorful lanterns
  32. Lanterns from cans

  33. Another version of the fixture
  34. Unusual lamp

  35. Hanging garden
  36. Plants in cans

  37. Lamps
  38. Cans from cans

  39. Homemade candles
  40. Homemade candles

  41. Storage space for sewing supplies
  42. How to store small items

With these ideas you can To create a cosiness In his house and add a few bright objects to his interior.

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