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How to make a scarf from old T-shirts

Each of us is well aware that from time to time it is necessary Carry out an audit in the cabinet. This is especially true when on the noseSummer and it's time to ease the wardrobe. In the course of this fascinating and painstaking process, you can find in yourselves a couple of T-shirts that are already out of order (worn, with spots, holes, stretched).

You can, of course, put them on rags or throw them in the trash can, but the team"so simple!"Advises you not to do so. From old unsuitable T-shirts without much effort you can create ... Stylish accessory!!

Scarf of old T-shirts

  1. Take an old T-shirt and cut everything that is superfluous from below and from above, so that only the middle part remains.
  2. Cut the remaining material in thin strips (approximately 4 cm each). The optimal number of such strips from one t-shirt is 13.
  3. Do so with a few old T-shirts. It is advisable to take things in different colors, so that the pattern of the future scarf comes out as original as possible.
  4. Stretch each strip. Then take them all together and cut them so that long ropes turn out.
  5. One end of the bundle of ropes fixed with something heavy (for example, you can use a large heavy flowerpot).
  6. Striped all the stripes into three parts and the braids of them are a regular pigtail. Fix all this beauty with a deliberately delayed rope.
  7. Cut off all the excess - and trendy scarf is ready!

Such an original accessory will be an excellent addition to your image. This stylish unobtrusive scarf Can be worn even in the summer! Moreover, it can be given to mother, grandmother, sister or girlfriend: this unique thing will surely suit everyone.

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