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How to use old rakes

No one likes to accumulate unnecessary trash and because of this we sometimes throw things out of which one can make very original and beautiful Decorations for interior. It is often very difficult to give a second life to old rubbish, but this does not apply to such an item as a rake.

"so simple!" Prepared for you 9 ideas that can be implemented, taking the usual object of garden tools. I would never have thought that a rake might look so cool!

How to use old rakes

  1. First you need to wash them thoroughly.
  2. Old rake

  3. Then you can To use a rake As an element of the interior.
  4. Old rake

  5. On them you can hang a different kitchen inventory.
  6. Hanger in the kitchen

  7. Or glasses for wine or champagne.
  8. Stand for glasses

  9. They can become a convenient organizer for tools.
  10. Rake in the interior

  11. From the rake, you can make a dryer for dishes.
  12. drainer

  13. Usually a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly, and in our case the old rake turns into a charming caterpillar.
  14. Old rake

  15. If your jewelery boxes are full, use rake for storing necklaces.
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  17. They will become a beautiful decorative Decorating the garden.
  18. How to decorate a garden

  19. Or a bird feeder.
  20. bird feeders

  21. And even from them you can make a place to store the keys.
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It's hard to believe that conventional equipment can perfectly fit into the interior of the apartment or become a wonderful garden decoration. Take advantage of these ideas and share them with your friends!