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Energy Relationships

human communication It is impossible without an exchange of energy. Even a simple smile, a greeting or a nod of the head always carry the charge of emotions that the person puts in them.

Kind word, friendly look and opennessA person can make your day literally - the given positive energy will be enough for a long time, a good mood will remain until the evening. And vice versa - anger, irritation and aggression emanating from a person can be passed on to you.

The negative virus is very easy to pick up, especially in crowded places - in public transport, in the marketplace, in the crowd. Existence Power engineering Even scientists acknowledge. Let's try to figure out what kind of mysterious power ...

Energy relations


When people become close, a definite Emotional-sensory connection. This applies to friends and acquaintances, as well as lovers. To comfortably exist together, people are tuned to each other's waves, begin to resonate.

A miracle happens - real understanding, feeling Kindred spirit. Exchanging information about the world around, people automatically convey their attitude to the interlocutor through emotions.

The body always responds to positive or negative emotions by the release of certain hormones. If one person causes the other to persevere positive emotions, hormones of happiness stand out - Endorphins, As well as a more serious and prolonged hormone - Oxytocin.

Oxytocin is responsible for the attachment of people to each other, primitive people learned to distinguish "their" from "strangers" in the tribe precisely through the action of this hormone.

Power engineering

this Energy link, Caused by the action of different hormones -Fragile mechanism. Unpredictable behavior and actions, to which people react negatively, destroy the arising contact. Because in the case of a negative reaction to the actions of another person, all have terrible emotions - resentment, anger, disappointment.

Endorphins are no longer given here, because they stopBe comfortable, the condition changes. But if people have a lot in common - the same interests, hobbies, perceptions of life - they will easily transfer the fleeting deficiency of endorphins and resume the energy connection.

Sometimes people do not see for years, but when they meetFeel like they did not leave. Without a doubt, the strongest energy ties are related. With the closest relatives, a person is connected by invisible threads of common life, experiences and experience.

Conclusions that can be drawn from thisInformation, very comforting. Man is a reasonable being, he can always control his emotions at will, build energy ties with the most worthy people and react positively to the manifestations of the world.

In this situation it becomes clear that the eternalLove, strong friendship and an ideal family - not a myth. People themselves decide what should happen in their lives, can easily contact with others and experience happiness, even experiencing certain difficulties.

All that is needed is always to remember the responsibility that lies on each of us, to think what you are doing and why, to find in everything the positive aspects.

One can talk about energy from the position of aura andChakras, but it is unlikely that this will be logical reasoning. Where it is easier to explain everything that is happening from the point of view of hormonal processes. Smile, get your charge of endorphins and give them to your friends!

Say kind words more often, do not forget to share your interests with everyone who is close to you!