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Flags from food

A couple of years ago, the organizers of the advertising campaignSydney International Festival made an unusual pr-move to draw attention to the global nature of the event. Every year, within the framework of this festival, there is a tasting National dishes from different countries.

Therefore we decided to make the visiting card of the festival Edible flags, Made of food, which in these statesIs traditional. The collection of flags is growing and growing every year. We offer to your attention interesting works of famous chefs from all over the world.

Flags of food

  1. Spain
  2. Flag of spain

  3. Switzerland
  4. Flag of switzerland

  5. Indonesia
  6. Flag of indonesia

  7. China
  8. China flag

  9. Australia
  10. Flag of australia

  11. South Korea
  12. South Korean flag

  13. Lebanon
  14. Flag of Lebanon

  15. Japan
  16. Flag of japan

  17. Greece
  18. Flag of Greece

  19. Brazil
  20. Flag of brazil

  21. Vietnam
  22. Flag of Vietnam

  23. India
  24. Flag of india

  25. Italy
  26. Flag of italy

  27. France
  28. Flag of france

  29. Sri Lanka
  30. Flag sri-lanka

  31. United Arab Emirates
  32. Emirate flag

  33. Thailand
  34. Thai flag

  35. Mexico
  36. Flag of mexico

  37. USA
  38. American flag

  39. Denmark
  40. Flag of Denmark

  41. Portugal
  42. Flag of portugal

  43. Singapore
  44. Singapore flag

  45. Turkey
  46. Flag of turkey

  47. United Kingdom
  48. Flag of the Great Britain

But the idea of ​​the Greek agency the syndicate, which came up with the flags of invented countries from ice cream!

  1. Federation of nirvana
  2. Nirvana federation flag

  3. Principality of ecstasy
  4. Flag of the principality of ecstasy

  5. Sovereign state of euphoria
  6. Flag of a sovereign state of euphoria

  7. People's Republic of Passion
  8. Flag of the People's Republic of Passion

  9. Emirates of bliss
  10. Flag of the emirate of bliss

  11. United states of delight

United states flag

Probably, each of us would like to visit such a festival and try a little bit of everything. The idea is really Creative and interesting.

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