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100 rules of happy people

Agree that happiness - this concept is philosophical and everyone understands it in their own way. You can not fit everything under one pattern and thereby make everyone happy.

Understanding of happiness individually! Today our editorial office wants to offer you advice that changes life for the better. Perhaps they will help you become happy. And if not, then, at least, bring something new into your life ... choose those that you consider the most suitable for yourself.

100 rules of happy people

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  1. Get up early.
  2. Every morning, thank you for what you have.
  3. Drink plenty of water.
  4. Contrast shower will help healthier.
  5. Plan your day.
  6. Be single-minded, but do not become attached to goals.
  7. Know how to forgive both friends and enemies. Remember that perfect people do not exist.
  8. At least 15 minutes a day are in the fresh air.
  9. Do not drink after eating.
  10. Minimize the negative environment.
  11. If he was in a destructive environment - learn "from the opposite", that is, what not to be.
  12. believe in your dream.
  13. Find a decent environment that will help your self-realization.
  14. Every day there is time for sports.
  15. Even in crisis periods, the minimum program must be implemented.
  16. Learn from professionals. It will accelerate your professional growth.
  17. Get pleasure from work.
  18. If the work brings you closer to the goal, but does not bring pleasure - bear it.
  19. Work that does not draw near to the goal and does not bring pleasure, it is necessary to throw.
  20. believe in yourself.
  21. Try to breathe more often.
  22. Take care of cleaning your soul. Daily meditation or pray.
  23. Listen to your favorite music to get extra charge of energy. Do not forget to update your playlist.
  24. In every life sphere, take an example only from the best teachers.
  25. A tenth of your income is spent on charity.
  26. More often praise others, especially if they are on your team.
  27. Show emotions during praise and hold them back when you criticize.
  28. Remember that you can not please everyone, even if you do very good things.
  29. When you are successful, thank for the victory. When you fail - thank for the experience.
  30. Sometimes allow yourself to fool around and be a kid.
  31. First do the most important things.
  32. Learn to do two things at once (for example, run and listen to audiobooks).
  33. To feel happy at work - think about bestowal, not about money.
  34. Do not be afraid of obstacles.
  35. Remember that to achieve excellence you need to work hard 10 thousand hours.
  36. If something is improved every day, the results will soon become large-scale.
  37. Greet first and smile. Only strong people are the first to show benevolence.
  38. Only the best standards are worthy of your attention.
  39. Delicately say goodbye to those people whose presence does not help to realize your potential.
  40. Except for relatives. They, most likely, will not change, therefore accept them as they are.
  41. Do not try to change people around you. This is a destructive way.
  42. If you live right, the inspiration will not keep you waiting.
  43. Poor nutrition and lack of movement kill the desire to work.
  44. Become an "elevator" for others. Pick them up.
  45. Learn to understand critics, because they have nothing in life but the ability to criticize others.
  46. If the qualification of the critic leaves no doubt, then make friends with him. And do not forget to thank him for contributing to your success.
  47. The past and the future are mirror images of your present.
  48. Look for self-motivation. If it does not work out, then there are only two reasons: you do not have enough energy or you are not doing the right thing.
  49. Do not decide anything important when you are in a bad mood. Wait for a positive wave and then think about how to live on.
  50. Check posts and social networks no more than 2 times a day.
  51. Pick up words. They can both inspire and destroy.
  52. If you love someone, then help him to realize, even to the detriment of himself.
  53. Learn to enjoy loneliness.
  54. Constantly expand your horizons. It's never too late to start a new business or find a new hobby.
  55. If you can and are able to inspire someone - this is the highest reward.
  56. Get a diary of success, especially if it concerns the categories over which you work for a long time.
  57. Fulfill the arrangements. For this, think well before you promise anything.
  58. Do not gossip.
  59. Keep track of all the latest news.
  60. Remember that only understanding the laws of the universe leads to happiness.
  61. Combine activity and mind.
  62. Analyze your life and take lessons from every significant event.
  63. Throw those things that do not help your realization.
  64. Eat more healthy fats (vegetable oils, nuts, avocados) and raw vegetables.
  65. From you will be so much use, how much energy you can spend. To increase the amount of energy, watch your physical health.
  66. The house is the place where you live, not something from the past or the future.
  67. Do not become attached to yourself and give freedom to people you love.
  68. Once a week you can do nothing.
  69. Creative work requires you to peak state of emotions and concentration.
    Do not be distracted by extraneous things when you are engaged in creativity.
  70. Keep the balance between the material and the spiritual.
  71. Read the biographies of great people.
  72. Around you should be only the most talented and happy people.
  73. Never take anything from a person unless you are ready to give in return what he will ask of you.
  74. If you are betrayed, then look for the guilty one.
  75. Be ready for defeat. The higher you go, the more you fall.
  76. Fall in love with your defeat. They learn.
  77. Success is a segment between the most serious fall and the subsequent ascent. If you fail, start working even harder.
  78. Be open with people close in spirit and closed with those who do not share your values.
  79. Record all arrangements in writing. People can forget about them or "forget".
  80. So as not to violate the law of energy interchange, be generous with generous people and greedy with greedy people.
  81. If you want to give a lot to people, first learn to take a lot from life.
  82. Always remember that "a black strip can become a take-off".
  83. Be noble in all life situations.
  84. Develop within you a set of dignity, kindness and wisdom.
  85. Do not pay attention to people from the past. Just remember that there is a reason why they are not in the future.
  86. Investments in relationships and training are the most profitable.
  87. A wall is a step. Just grow to it.
  88. At the end of life, you will be more sorry for what you did not do than about what was done.
  89. Sometimes moving forward is the result of a kick in the ass. Let the "kick" will be people who have succeeded in your business.
  90. Power has a responsibility and an opportunity to help others. The more you help others, the happier you become.
  91. Regularly get rid of the rubbish in the house and in life.
  92. Always voice your expectations and listen to the expectations of others from you. Most quarrels are a result of a failure to understand the expectations of the other party.
  93. Remember that living is like riding a bicycle. If it's hard for you, then you're on the rise.
  94. Regularly risk, carefully thought out the situation. It trains intuition.
  95. Periodically please yourself with new things.
  96. Develop your individuality and remember your uniqueness.
  97. Learn to love and create coziness.
  98. Carefully choose friends and very carefully the other half.
  99. Learn to forgive.
  100. To be happy is to realize yourself as much as possible.


These tips can not be considered a panacea, but to themIt is worth listening. Perhaps you do not agree with everyone, but we warned that everyone has their own happiness. Share the article with your friends, make them a little happier.