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25 useful inventions for home

«everything flows, everything changes", Once said Heraclitus and was, of course,Right! Knew the well-known ancient Greek philosopher, at what speed everything is changing nowadays, he would probably have taken up his head. Progress does not stand still, and every day designers come up with new Useful inventions, Which are designed to simplify our life. So that what was yesterday a dream, today becomes the most that neither is a reality.

Today the team "so simple!" Will introduce you to Amazing things From leading designers of the world. Many of these inventions have long dreamed of any mistress. I give a tooth, some things from this collection you'll want to buy right away. And nothing surprising, because this is all about what we so long dreamed of.

Unusual inventions for home

  1. Two in one: a USB flash drive with a micro camera
  2. Flash drive with micro camera

  3. Transparent toaster: now your croutons just will not burn!
  4. Transparent toaster

  5. A convenient spoon for salad - ingenious!
  6. Unusual spoon for salad

  7. But what about the device for measuring distance with your fingers?
  8. Distance measuring device

  9. Device for getting chips.
  10. How to get chips

  11. Printer-crumb, placed on the palm of your hand.
  12. Small printer

  13. Brewing spoon. Say no to stains from tea bags!
  14. Brewing spoon

  15. Cook-boil: a special silicone pouch for cooking.
  16. Silicone cooking bag

  17. Just add water: a mini mouth-rinse.
  18. Mini mouth-rinse

  19. A tidbit: a knife-holder for a cake.
  20. Knife-holder

  21. Fruit salad in two counts: plastic banana cutter.
  22. Banana cutter

  23. A special device for cleaning Bulgarian pepper.
  24. A device for cleaning pepper

  25. A brilliant invention for sealing packages.
  26. Holder for packages

  27. Cirrus cactus - so as not to get bored in places of solitude.
  28. Brush-cake

  29. Cutting board with a secret.
  30. Unusual cutting board

  31. Sleep, my joy, sleep: the air mattress in the back seat.
  32. inflatable mattress

  33. Stop who goes: online monitoring of the door lock.
  34. Monitoring of the door lock

  35. Chic and shine: stand for drinks in the bathroom.
  36. Stand in the bathroom

  37. Clean, whatever one may say: a self-cleaning brush.
  38. Self-cleaning brush

  39. Frying pan with separate sections.
  40. Frying pan with different sections

  41. Nothing superfluous: the device for the separation of bones from berries.
  42. Device for separation from berries

  43. Now drain the water from the pan - it's easy!
  44. Drain water from the pan

  45. Summer is just around the corner: a colander for washing berries.
  46. colander

  47. A goldfish that separates the yolk from the protein.
    Small fish for separation

  48. Squeeze out all the juices from the lemon in the literal sense of the word!
  49. How to squeeze juice from a lemon

I bastard from a frying pan with separate sections and a transparent toaster! These inventions are both useful and stylish - they will be Irreplaceable in any house. If you have any ideas in your head, then rather embody them in life! Invent something new - so cool ...

If you are struck by the data of the invention, show these ingenious things to others!