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How to grow old with pleasure

Someday all of us will be trapped by old age. Someone does not care about this fact, but many are still afraid of it. The way you will be Look old, Depends primarily on you.

As American actress betta Davis (who, by the way, lived more than 80 years) said: "Old age is not a place for women!" It is important to be able to live in such a way that old age does not seem horrendous. Of course, with age, almost all parts of the body change, but these 7 useful habits will help you much easier to survive aging.

How to grow old with pleasure

  1. Keep a positive wave!
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    You are what you think about! According to American studies, people who perceive retirement age as a period of wisdom and satisfaction are much more likely to end up working than those who consider aging to be a synonym for helplessness and uselessness.

  2. Think what you eat ...
    healthy foods

    Food plays an important role during the aging of your body. Recent research shows that it is better to resort to low-glycemic diets to make the aging process go more smoothly.

    good example - Mediterranean diet, Which includes herbal products, nuts and red wine in moderation. In addition, you need to eat fish at least twice a week and cut down on the use of salt.

    Studies show that similar dietsPrevent heart attacks, strokes and premature death. As an added bonus, scientists advise to use more omega-3 fatty acids, which are contained, for example, in walnuts and salmon.

    These substances will help your skin to stay young longer. In contrast, heavy and fatty foods (soda, chips, white bread) accelerate the aging process.

  3. ... and how much you eat
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    Overeating can significantly shorten your life, lead to cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

    for To live a long life, It is better to follow a balanced diet, which consists of approximately 600 grams of vegetables, 350-450 g of fruits, 170 g of cereals, 700 g of dairy products and 140 g of protein daily.

  4. Regular exercise
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    Remain active is an important part of the rightAging. Experts at the National Academy of Sports Medicine United States argue that the average woman loses 23% of muscle mass in the period from 30 to 70 years. With age, this process is only accelerating.

    So a little exercise is usefulEven those who are over 90. sports stimulate the hippocampus - the area of ​​the brain associated with learning. That's why they are also a preventive measure of senile memory impairment and Alzheimer's disease.

  5. Remain a part of society
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    Friends and relatives will help you live longer. According to research, those of us who have Strong social ties, Have a much greater chance of a long life than people who do not have such connections.

  6. Protect the skin from the sun
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    Long exposure to the sun can lead toThe appearance of wrinkles, not to mention skin cancer. So the use of sunscreen will not only help your skin look younger longer, but it can also save you from death.

    We do not deny that the sun's rays helpTo produce vitamin d necessary for our body. But scientists say that after a few minutes of exposure to the sun, the ultraviolet light stops producing vitamin d and begins to produce cancer. In most people, the level of vitamin D is within normal limits, but as an alternative to the sun you can introduce salmon or eggs (especially yolk) into your diet.

  7. More sleep
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    You know for sure that every day you need to sleep from 7 to 9 hours. But do you know that lack of sleep can cause heart disease, obesity and diabetes?

    In addition, sleep helps improve memory. And in general all the beauty is born in a dream, because when you sleep, the body produces growth hormone, which restores Elastin and collagen. These are two whales, on which the beautiful and young skin is held. Treat sleep not as a luxury, but as a necessity!

Now you do not intimidate any old age! But your friends still do not know about it, tell them soon.