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15 films for women

Cinema is not only an entertaining art. Films are also a lot of food for thought, and we can safely say that they significantly affect our lives.

Today "so simple!" Has prepared 15 such films for you. This picture about life, about emotions and experiences. They are about everything. And these 15 films are worth watching every woman!

Movies for women

  1. my only
    In the beginning we see the correct, Exemplary family Americans: a beautiful mother, a rich dad and two healthy and talented sons. It would seem all right, but something breaks and everyone chooses his own way ...
  2. my only

  3. In bed with the enemy
    The main character of the film is married and lives a carefree, luxurious life, but behind this beautiful package lies a terrible secret.

    A woman is married to a terrible person who is extremely jealous and cruel and beats her every time for every little thing.

  4. In bed with the enemy

  5. My blueberry nights
    The movie is fantastically atmospheric. Each frame is saturated with a haze of charm, reverie, silence.

    The lights of the night city, the atmosphere of the cafe and the intertwining of human destinies, supplemented by stunning music, create an intoxicating cocktail. And you can savor until the time is up.

  6. My blueberry nights

  7. Painted veil
    Heroine of Kitty, in an impulse to leave the parentalHouse, hastily marries a young bacteriologist Walter. Everything would be fine, but, already being married, she met passionate love - Charlie Townsend, who responded to her in return.
  8. Painted veil

  9. clock
    Three stories, at first glance, are little related to each other. But as the action proceeds, in the course of revealing the characters, the viewer realizes the integrity of the narrative. Woman's soul - the main character in this film.
  10. clock

  11. cruel romance
    In the provincial town comes sergei paratov - a cheerful barin-kutila. He is incredibly courageous, adventurous and risky.

    He falls in love with the first beauty of the city Larissa Ogudalova. However, the couple, after a little pooh for her, leaves the city ...

  12. cruel romance

  13. All about my mother
    The history of Manuela, who lost her son in the very first minutes of the picture, does not leave indifferent. Makes you think about many things and, maybe, revise something in your life. Touches the soul.
  14. All about my mother

  15. Proximity
    It is a sensual picture,Smiled admiringly. The interweaving of the emotions of the characters, the brightness, vivacity, the significance of the dialogues and the tangibility of this story - the dramas of four people who are hungry for love - create an irresistible desire to touch each of them and admit to love.

    Because we are all beautiful: in our joy, sorrow, happiness and meditation.

  16. Proximity

  17. The mirror has two faces
    The story told in the film is a fairy tale about the Cinderella that happened in our time. But this is not a "soapy" story about a prostitute who has hooked a millionaire.

    This is a story about a woman with modest external data and a rich inner world.

  18. The mirror has two faces

  19. English patient
    A film that opens a light in the souls. A film that makes us understand that our life, with its cruelty, longing, with its loops and bends, is a memory diary in which we store the best moments, the sweetest memories, the most tender glances and the most sensitive words ...
  20. English patient

  21. Fried green tomatoes
    Clever kettie bates in the role of a cute lonely married bbw. Her story clearly demonstrates that "a fairy tale is a lie, but in it a hint", and even more not a fairy tale, but a story from life.

    With the heroine, there are metamorphoses not on stupid women's courses, but under the influence of the story of a nice old lady from "then-time".

  22. Fried green tomatoes

  23. reader
    This film is an amazing story, combining a huge tragedy of the past, youthful uncertainty and naivety, the eternal problem of choice and, of course, love ...

    Love, more like a chronic disease, haunting the protagonist all his life.

  24. reader

  25. redemption
    The plot is simple, but it seems so only until you begin to delve into the film.

    As you dive into the picture, you can not remain indifferent to the experiences and sufferings of other people - that's where you start to think about the depth of the "redemption".

  26. redemption

  27. Cracks
    The picture is very emotional and multifaceted: in the women's team, isolated from the outside world, there are constant cooling and thawing.

    Characters are rushing about, giving up positions, being forgotten inStruggle for authority, get angry, get out, put on rose-colored glasses, fall into hysterics, go over the edge and come back, crack at the seams, try their best to fill their cracks.

  28. Cracks

  29. White oleander
    The story of a teenage girl who has a strange relationship with her mother. Mama - freelancer And does not tolerate betrayals, she is single-minded, straightforward and slightly cruel, and the personality of her daughter begins to develop independently only thanks to the tragic events in the family.

    She throws the girl out of the fire and into the fire, she does not yet know who she is.

    White oleander

These 15 Masterpieces of cinema Contain a lot of wisdom. Look at them carefully, and then you will be able to endure many vital lessons that will be useful to you!