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T-shirt mat

If you're at home A lot of old T-shirts, This does not mean that they need to be thrown away. From them you can create a wonderful rug that will delight you with its bright colors and pattern. And you will receive it for free, as all the materials you already have.

You only need time and a little inspiration. So, let's get started!

How to make a t-shirt mat

You will need

  • 5-10 old T-shirts, depending on how big a rug you want to make
  • scissors
  • Needles and threads
  • Sewing machine (optional)


  1. Cut out
    First you need to prepare T-shirts, namely -Make them something like yarn. Measure every 5 cm from the bottom of the T-shirt, mark the line with chalk or soap. Leave 15 cm from sides untouched. Now cut the shirt over the lines. After that, rotate the T-shirt and start to cut untouched 15 cm diagonally so that you get a continuous thread.
  2. T-shirt for rug

    T-shirt for rug

    T-shirt for rug

    T-shirt for rug

    T-shirt for rug

  3. Weave
    You can begin to weave a braid from the threads made. Take 3 threads of different colors and tie the end into a knot. Now whip the usual braid. When the thread ends, tie the other and so on.
  4. T-shirt for rug

  5. Twisting
    When the braid is completely ready, the rug needs to be twisted. Do it tight enough so that holes do not form.
  6. T-shirt for rug

  7. Sew
    Here's the time to sew a rug. This can be done with a sewing machine, if the braid is not too thick. Or manually.
  8. T-shirt for rug

    T-shirt for rug

Voila! Beautiful mat is ready! He will decorate your anteroom and will always please the guests who come.

This idea should definitely be implemented by your friends!