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Ideas for country house decoration

For those who have forgotten this very important fact,Recall: the dacha exists not only to work there, without unbending the back. This is also a great place for a real holiday, a fertile oasis with a unique atmosphere.

If you try, in the country section you can realize the most insane ideas. Original Outdoor furniture, An unusual facade, exotic plants, hand-made decor elements ...

The one who is selflessly in love with the dacha, can continue this list for a long time. Take a look at these 20 ideas and do not say that you did not like one!

Cottage decoration

  1. A house of cement and logs.
    A house of cement and logs
  2. From tins can be made bird feeders.
    Bird feeders
  3. To arrange a flower garden in a pallet is a wonderful idea.
    Flower garden
  4. From iron barrels you get good and original furniture.
    Original furniture
  5. Thoughtful Campfire place.
    Campfire place
  6. Adapt for different needs you can even a coil from the electrical cable!
    Coil from electric cable
  7. The drain pipes are the basis for Hanging garden.
    Hanging garden
  8. From an old cart it's easy to make a flower bed.
    Flower bed
  9. Chic hanging bed.
    Hanging bed
  10. A chaise longue of logs is useful in sunny days.
    Chaise lounge
  11. PVC pipes are transformed into perfect Irrigation system.
    Irrigation system
  12. The washbasin in the barrel is not only functional, but also looks stylish.
    Washbasin in a barrel
  13. Here so it is necessary to make out garden paths!
    Garden paths
  14. Graceful clothes hanger.
    clothes hanger
  15. From small досочек and a rope it is possible to make additional regiments.
    Additional shelves
  16. Old tires are a superstructure for flower beds.
    Base for beds
  17. One more variant of registration of a flower bed.
    Flower garden
  18. Walls can be very non-standard.
    Original walls
  19. A summer table from the boxes.
    Table from drawers
  20. A bright idea for a summer cottage in the open air.
    Idea for a summer residence

Dacha can be your second home, if you live there properly. Do not spare your energy for Site arrangement - this is a refuge that will always protect you from the city bustle.

Enjoy nature - a natural needA person, and if she remains unsatisfied, a person suffers. Go out more often to the country and surround yourself with beauty. These design ideas will help to equip you a personal corner in nature, enjoy them with pleasure!