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The damage of pork

Eat meat or not - everyone's choice. But if you choose between Types of meat, Then worse than pork, there is no option. Ecologically safe and useful varieties of meat - beef, lamb, poultry, venison. Common and all-time favorite pork - the source of many health problems, should be limited to its use or even completely excluded from its diet.

Pork contains toxic ingredients - fat, mucus, histamine, dangerous hormones, substances that are exposed Putrefaction in the intestine. It becomes the cause of infections, skin diseases, arthritis, arthrosis and even changes in the human hormonal background. Science explains a lot.

Harm of pork


  1. Pork contains growth hormone, which causes malfunctionsIn the well-coordinated work of the human body. Under the influence of a foreign hormone, pathological processes occur: obesity, proliferation of benign and malignant tumors.
  2. Pork contains histamine - an allergy-provoking stimulus. Appendicitis, development of furunculosis and cholecystitis, dermatitis, eczema - the effects of histamine on the body.
  3. Pork blood is rich in oncogenic agents - specific red blood cells, acting as cancer markers.
  4. Influenza virus Occurs very often in sausages, getting into the product from the lungs of the animal. Frequent use of pork leads to increased rates of flu!
  5. Pork - the most fatty meat, it contributes to obesity, especially if there is pork in a stressful state.
  6. Pork is very toxic, it contains dangerous carcinogens and is not inferior in its harmfulness to alcohol and tobacco. There are suggestions of the carcinogenicity of porcine sex hormones.
  7. Human meat and Pig meat Very similar in structure, there are a number ofAnatomical and biochemical indicators, similar in humans and pigs. But pigs have few muscles and bones, but a lot of fat and connective tissue. Pigs often get sick, and you can never be sure completely, you eat the meat of a sick or healthy animal.
  8. Permanent poisoning with toxins contained inPig meat, provokes problems with the heart and can cause a stroke. In the human body, consuming pork, a favorable environment for the development of pathogenic bacteria is formed.

All diseases are the mobilization of protective forces,Directed against toxins, or damage as a result of toxins entering the body. Many people consider pork to be surprisingly tasty meat, but this is just a food habit that can be changed.

If a child is taught from childhood to eat right,Then you can avoid serious health problems. Think about whether you should continue to eat pig meat, and share this important information with your friends.