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Facts about cheese

Many people like this tasty and healthy product, like cheese. Virtually no kitchen in the world can do without it! Everyone knows that cheese has a huge number of different varieties.

But not everyone knows Entertaining facts About this popular product, which we will tell you about. Most likely, most of them will be a discovery for you.

Facts about cheese

  1. Scientists argue that First cheese Appeared approximately in 3000-2800 years BC. E., Since traces of the remains of this product were found in the Egyptian pyramids built at that time.
  2. Pyramids

  3. In ancient Rome believed that cheese improves digestion. Also it was used as Antidote for poisoning.
  4. Ancient Rome

  5. In the production of one kilogram of cheese, ten liters of milk are used.
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  7. Cheese, which is produced in the Caucasus, has a rich smell. Many people think that cheese is an aphrodisiac, so no wedding feast can do without it.
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  9. Collectors of cheese labels are called tyrosemiofilistami. An interesting hobby, is not it?
  10. Cheese labels

  11. Every year in the UK hold a competition for skating cheese.
  12. Cheese competition

  13. For the wedding as a gift, Queen Victoria received a disc of cheddar cheese weighing more than 500 kg.
  14. Cheddar

  15. Many believe that mice are very fond of cheese. But this is true only in cartoons. In fact, rodents do not like products with a strong smell, which includes cheese, and with pleasure, they savor grain and fruits.
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  17. According to legend, the overtaster, who left society and retired in the desert, ate almost one cheese for twenty years.
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  19. Some varieties of cheese are stained. For example, cheddar cheese is dyed with the help of annato seeds. Cheaper cheeses are colored with marigold petals or carrot juice.
  20. Annato

  21. In emilia-romance (the italy region) is 4A bank that accepts expensive hard cheese as a loan security. One banking house took 400 thousand circles of Parmesan for storage from its customers.
  22. Cheese bank

  23. To create a picture "Running hours" Salvador Dali was inspired by camembert. After he ate a piece of this soft sort of cheese, he came to the image of "spreading time". The artist loved cheese and once said this: "If in the country there are not at least fifty varieties of cheese and good wine, then the country has reached the handle".
  24. Running hours

For sure, some facts about cheese have become a real discovery for you.

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