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Crafts from keys and coins

An artist from a distant australia with the alias moerkey, creates beautiful things from old Coins and keys: Lampshades, souvenir bottles and wine glasses, lamps and other interesting things.

"One day, raking up the garbage in my barn, I stumbled upon the edge of an old copper pipe, Says Michael. - I Cut it into rings and started making them outDecorative hemispheres, which could be used to decorate the interior. The first of them came out rather rude and unsympathetic, but then I developed my own Machinery And began to do it more skillfully. "

With his creations, michael proves that from any things you can create real masterpieces, you just have to love what you do and give yourself completely hobby!!

Crafts from coins, caps from bottles and keys

  1. fruit bowl
  2. fruit bowl

  3. Sphere of unnecessary keys
  4. Domain

  5. Decorative bottle
  6. Bottle of keys

  7. Glass and bottle
  8. Glass and bottle

  9. The most original candlestick I've ever seen
  10. candlestick

  11. A delightful glass!
  12. A glass of keys

  13. It is possible and in the museum to exhibit
  14. Torso of a woman

  15. Another sphere
  16. Domain

  17. But the bottles from the bottles
  18. Bottle caps

  19. Decorative ball
  20. Decorative ball

  21. Another candlestick
  22. candlestick

  23. Again vase for fruit
  24. fruit bowl

As it turned out, keys and coins turn intoVery beautiful decorative elements of the interior, which can fit into almost any design. Our editorial office hopes that the works of this Australian artist will inspire you to create your own masterpieces!