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Magical experiences for children

Spend your free time with your childMentally! Engage in what will be interesting for you two - the best option. Children always feel when adults are disingenuous with them, so come up with activities that will delight everyone!

Unusual experiments will seem magical not onlyBaby, but also a desperate adult who will decide to do them. For miracles you need very few ingredients and a good mood. Engage in bold experiments with the child, and he will consider you a real magician!

Water cycle in a bag

Water cycle in the package

You will need

  • 1 sachet with fastener
  • Dye blue
  • water


  1. Add a few drops of dye to the water.
  2. Experience with dye

  3. On the bag you can draw a felt-tip pen and waves. Pour water inside.
  4. Experience with water

  5. Seal the bag with tape and hang it on the window. Model of the water cycle in nature is ready!
  6. Experience with water

  7. Under direct sunlight the water will beTurn into steam, and then - to rain in the small sea. If you take a bigger bag and paint it nicer, you'll get a truly magical entertainment.

Tornado in the bank

Tornado in the bank

You will need

  • water
  • Oblong transparent bank
  • dishwashing liquid
  • Blue food coloring
  • Sequins


  1. Pour water into the jar so as to fill approximately 3/4 of the space.
  2. Add a couple drops of dishwashing liquid, dye and sequins.
  3. Twist the lid and shake the liquid, spinning the jar in a spiral. Centrifugal force will create a real storm in the bank!

Tornado in the bank

Rainbow of skittles

Rainbow experience

You will need

  • 5 small glasses
  • 1 glass of hot water
  • tablespoon
  • syringe
  • Skittles: 2 red candies, 4 orange, 6 yellow, 8 green and 10 violet


  1. Pour into each cup of 2 tbsp. L. water. Count the indicated number of candies, let them dissolve in hot water. If the sweets do not dissolve to the end, you can put them in the microwave for 30 seconds. Let the liquid cool down.
  2. rainbow

  3. Using a pipette or a syringe, pour the multicolored syrup into the jar in layers, beginning with the thickest - purple.
  4. Do it carefully so that the colors do not mix, it is best to let the syrup gently drip down the cans. Get a real rainbow!
  5. Rainbow of skittles

  6. The secret of this experience is simple - the denser the syrup, the heavier it is. The kid will be delighted with such entertaining physics!

Invisible ink

Invisible ink

You will need

  • lemon
  • Cotton swab
  • bottle
  • Beads, sequins


  1. Squeeze the lemon juice into the glass. Using a cotton swab, write a secret message on paper with lemon juice. Put the message in a bottle, show imagination and brightly embellish it.
  2. Invisible ink

  3. To show the inscription on paper, you just need to hold the sheet over the fire for a while. As an option - you can iron it or hold it in a hot oven for a couple of minutes.

    An important point: the text of the message should be very important for the child! Then he really appreciates the experiment ...

  4. Invisible ink

  5. The essence of the miracle lies in the ability of lemon juice to oxidize. Orange juice, milk, vinegar, wine, honey and onion juice have similar properties and can successfully participate in the experience!

Dancing worms


You will need

  • Some marmalade worms
  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • cutting board
  • knife
  • two glasses


  1. Soak the knife with water so that the marmalade does not strongly adhere and cut each worm into 4 parts.
  2. In warm water, explore 3 tbsp. Spoons of soda.
  3. Worms

  4. Put the worms in the soda solution for 15 minutes. Now get them and move them to vinegar.
  5. Ready! Mad dance marmalade will please the child. Acetic acid and soda react in which carbon dioxide is released. Thanks to him and there is an active movement - bubbles pull up sweets.
  6. Worms

Cook the egg inside out

Egg inside out

You will need

  • egg
  • Scotch
  • stocking
  • Casserole


  1. Tightly wrap the egg with scotch tape.
  2. Egg inside out

  3. Place the egg inside the stocking, tie it on both sides and properly untwist. The readiness of the egg to be cooked can be checked with a flashlight: if it does not show through, it's time to cook. Do it in Scotch tape!
  4. Egg inside out

  5. This is an unusual egg, if you do it right.
  6. Egg inside out

These experiments just will not leave your child indifferent! Inoculate curiosity Need from childhood, because the more questions a child has, the more actively his development takes place.

Engage in interesting and useful things together, and your relationship will become more trusting.

Tell your friends about these incomparable ways for a long time to captivate the child!