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15 drama films

Today the editorial staff of our site has prepared for you a very specific selection of films. They are completely different: some about love, others about the relationship of man to animals, the third about parents.

But these films share one thing - they can not be watched without tears. These 15 films are able to affect our subtle notes of the soul. They can only be seen in the company of handkerchiefs.

Dramatic films

  1. green Mile
    green Mile

    The tragedy of John Coffey - the man who died forThat which made people good, can not but touch to the depths of the soul. It is terrible not only that the innocent was executed, the fact that the coffie could not find a place in the world, was rejected by all and was lonely.

  2. Meet Joe Black
    Meet Joe Black

    sad movie That the end is inevitable. No one knows how, when and in what guise after him death will come. What should I say, how to behave? And most importantly, are you ready for a meeting with her? The hero of anthony hopkins, multimillionaire William Parrish, was not ready, so he was offered a deal ...

  3. White Bim Black Ear
    White Bim Black Ear

    Very sad story, but at the same time verySincere and truthful. History, which unites in the fate of one dog so many different fates. And strips the soul. By their attitude toward the animal, people show themselves as they are. It's amazing how people can be evil, cruel, greedy.

  4. 1 + 1 / Untouchables

    The film tells us about two completely differentThey belong to different strata of society, and everyone lives by their hard life. The Filippa has a boring, measured life, he does not expect nothing and no one but the next "nanny." Dris tries to find a job, but everywhere he is refused, he still has to sign the last piece of paper to receive unemployment benefits. Question, how can these two meet and change each other's lives?

  5. Bicentennial

    The beginning of the era of new global technologies. "Get" robots in the house - has become commonplace. Bought as a device and programmed to do homework, Andrew suddenly begins to experience uncharacteristic feelings for him. He does not yet know that this is called "feel." From this begins the path of robot Andrew to the knowledge of the essence of human nature ...

  6. If only
    If only

    "If only" is a manual on how to love. Leaving in their worries, do not forget that you love and love you. You know that you are dear to each other, but you must be able to love, and not just feel. This is taught by a melodrama with stunningly played actors.

  7. Pay another
    Pay another

    "You must certainly do good to three people,Which in turn are obliged to continue the process "- about this is how the main idea of ​​the" pay another "sounds. A wonderful film that shows that doing good is not so difficult.

  8. artificial intelligence
    artificial intelligence

    This picture tells us the storyAn android boy endowed with feelings. He knows how to love, and all he wants is just to be loved. Realizing this idea, he will meet many diverse creatures and visit many different places. His way home will be a continuous adventure, albeit not always pleasant, but very interesting.

  9. Mama

    For some reason I never tried to find in this movieSomething supernatural, the film is simple and unusual at the same time. Everything here about my mother. Even pronounced this word somehow very gently and anxiously. This film is also significant in that this is the last major role of the outstanding actress nonna mordyukova.

  10. my guardian angel
    my guardian angel

    A strange thing in the arsenal of an American lawyer: An 11-year-old girl sues her parents when she finds out that she was conceived in a test tube with only one purpose - to become a rescue for her cancer-afflicted sister.

  11. Sweet November

    The film is a perfect example of what the meaning of life is -It's not outfits, not a highly paid job and certainly not money. But people realize this only when death knocks at their door. And then the person understands the real essence of life.

  12. Hasten to love

    The tough guy has to serve a sentence forSome misconduct and asks for help from a gray mouse, a girl whom he used to constantly harass. But gradually he more and more recognizes it, he opens up to her rich inner world, the beauty of the soul, and he falls in love with her.

  13. Philadelphia
    Philadelphia movie

    Successful young lawyer Andrew is dismissed withoutExplanation of the reason, although it is obvious to everyone, including the hero. Simply successful and young lawyer - gay, besides a sick vich. Andrew decides to fight for his rights to the end, but no one wants to represent him in court. And here the case confronts him with a colleague, jo, who is ready to join the fight on Andrew's side ...

  14. Hachiko: The most loyal friend

    The film was based on a real story. Touching, beautiful, but at the same time a very sad picture of a dog that was devoted to its master and loved him faithfully, more than his life ...

  15. Dancing in the dark
    Dancing in the dark

    Selma is a blissful eccentric, loving musicals. She came from Czechoslovakia and works in the factory, collecting money for the operation of her son. At the farm is also a serious illness, as a result of which it quickly loses sight and blinds. Nobody knows about this, but she will not tell anyone - why? But she risks not only herself, pretending to be a woman with just bad eyesight ...

Such films should be watched only in the right mood. Keep this collection and revise them all. you will not regret! And show our top to your friends!