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Ideas for the garden

Have you ever thought about the secondaryUse old and completely unnecessary things? They can be used with advantage in their garden. And the same subject can be used in completely different ways. For example, from a regular log can be made and a flower bed, and a wonderful shop for picnics. From an old bicycle it is possible to make a fence, the same as also from old garden stock.

Our editor has prepared for you more than 20 Original ideas for the garden, Which will turn it into a real paradise!

Ideas for a garden in photos

  1. A fire from flowers on which a flower soup is brewed.
  2. A great idea for using old funnels.
    Funnel-flower pots
  3. Vertical garden of pots.
    Vertical garden of pots
  4. Car flower garden.
    Car flower garden

    Car flower garden

  5. Lovely flower beds
  6. Bed

  7. An incredible bed of old pallets.
    A bed of old pallets
  8. Whole plantation from the old chest.
    Flower garden in an old chest of drawers
  9. The royal garden.
    beautiful garden
  10. From old bicycle wheels it is possible to make directing for growth of cucumbers or a string bean.
    Guides for the growth of cucumbers
  11. As if from a wonderland.
    Idea for a garden
  12. Ideas for using logs.
    Log in the garden
  13. Wooden train.
    Wooden train in the garden
  14. Original idea.
    Idea for a garden
  15. How to use old cars.
    Old wheelbarrows in the garden
  16. Hand-pots of cement.
    Hand-pots of cement
  17. If unnecessary disks were left in the country.
    Drives from the car in the garden
  18. System of watering tomatoes.
    Watering system of tomatoes
  19. Hanging gardens.
    Suspended plants
  20. Flower bed for strawberries.
    Strawberry flower bed
  21. From an old barrel and pallets.
    Idea from an old barrel and pallets
  22. A fence of unnecessary garden tools.
    Garden tools fence
  23. Pretty feeder.
  24. An interesting gate.
    Unusual wicket door
  25. Gate from a bicycle.
    Gates from a bicycle
  26. Completely inedible fly agarics.
    Fly agarics for the garden

Do not be afraid to embody your own Unusual ideas for the garden In life and then you can realize yourself and turn this very garden into a fabulous place. By doing this, you will not want to leave it!