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How to make a beautiful flower bed

We are used to the fact that the dacha is a place whereYou can take those unnecessary things from the apartment, which it is a pity to throw out on the trash. Because of this often in the countryside is going to such a heap of rubbish, which is almost impossible to rake. But if you add a little imagination and imagination, then all this junk can be turned into a Chic garden, Which will be admired all around!

Below are collected 20 interesting ideas, which should be implemented, if you have country cottage area.

Flowerbeds in the country

  1. If you put large stone vases in the garden and plant flowers in them, your plot will immediately turn into a royal park.
  2. Unusual flower bed

  3. The old mailbox was covered? He is hardly useful to you, so put flowers in it and hang it on the fence or the gate.
  4. Unusual flower bed

  5. The old bed can be transformed into a real flowering garden. Put a chest next to you, hang an old mirror, and your garden will turn into a fairy tale!
  6. Unusual flower bed

  7. Flowers that hibernate in an apartment can be planted in boxes, and then it will not be necessary to plant them in the open ground.
  8. Unusual flower bed

  9. You can also use boxes with plants for vertical gardening. So you can plant succulents or any ampel (hanging) plants.
  10. Unusual flower bed

  11. And from the small boxes you can create the whole composition.
  12. Unusual flower bed

  13. The old chair can turn into an unusual bed, you just need to take off the upholstery and pull out all the springs and excess fabric.
  14. Unusual flower bed

  15. The old bird cage will be an excellent flower bed for hanging plants. It can be suspended to the ceiling of a gazebo or to a tree branch.
  16. Unusual flower bed

  17. In a glass bottle, you can also plant flowers. Such a mini flowerbed will definitely surprise your friends!
  18. Unusual flower bed

  19. Make a small bag of sackcloth and grow in it not only flowers, but also scented herbs, which are conveniently added from the beds directly into the tea or dishes.
  20. Unusual flower bed

  21. Do you have a recently cut log in your garden? Adapt it under the flower bed! Cut a small groove along the entire length and put your favorite flowers there.
  22. Unusual flower bed

  23. Old shoes can be turned into a wonderfulFlowerbed, it is only necessary to plant flowers in them and hang them somewhere for the laces. Than shoes are older - so much the better, because in the leaky "flower beds" will not stagnate water!
  24. Unusual flower bed

  25. The stump from the cut tree will turn into an excellent bed, if you attach pots with plants to it. But remember that the flowers should have flowing shoots to cover the pots.
  26. Unusual flower bed

  27. Even the old and useless pipes will be an excellent place for growing plants.
  28. Unusual flower bed

  29. An original idea, for the implementation of which only an old cannon is needed.
  30. Unusual flower bed

  31. Do not throw out the old tub on the trash, take her to the dacha and put more flowers in it!
  32. Unusual flower bed

  33. A broken cart can always find a place in the country.
  34. Unusual flower bed

  35. Put on the old bike a box and put flowers in it. And if you also paint it in a bright color, then this flowerbed will attract the attention of all neighbors!
  36. Unusual flower bed

  37. A beautiful composition that can be created from old tools and colors.
  38. Unusual flower bed

  39. To remodel a flowerbed you can even an old boat. A little fresh paint - and bright flowers will help her look great on your site.
  40. Unusual flower bed

You are familiar with the situation with Trash in the country? Then do not waste time! Next weekend go out to your site and take care of the garden.

And tell your friends about these creative ideas!