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Japanese method against laziness

Day by day we give ourselves a lot of promises,Most of which will never be enforced. It's our dreams: to devote more time to physical exertion, to eat right, learn English, read more books, realize yourself in some kind of creativity, start traveling and helping people.

But today you're busy at work, and tomorrow will not beMood or rain outside the window will destroy all plans. And all dreams will remain unrealized, and you will again and again promise to change your life, but not today.

The girl is lazy

How to get rid of laziness

There is one magic Japanese A technique for getting rid of lazinessWith the help of which it is very simple to do all theseThings without much effort. And you do not even have to force yourself. This secret lies in the action itself. Instead of uttering a stormy monologue on the theme "why not", take it and start doing it!

Promise yourself that you will only take a minute. Even the most busy person will have a free minute in a day. And we are not so much busy as we sometimes think. The main thing is to start doing something. For example, poprisey and shake the press a minute. It's not at all difficult. Learn the language and read the book a minute. What is difficult in this? nothing! So do it!

This principle for Getting rid of laziness Can be used in many spheres of life. It may seem that at this rate it is difficult to achieve something. But, as they say, the beginning is already half of the matter. The technique is aimed at helping to start, because it turns out to be the hardest.

Share this secret with your friends, who also can not force themselves to do something!