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Inventions for the lazy

Whatever they say, but a real engineProgress is laziness. Only lazy people begin to come up with all sorts of adaptations to make their life even easier. Any achievements of modern technology are aimed at Increased comfort, But at the same time people are moving less and less, leaving the house and so on.

Today the editorial staff of the site "so simple!" Prepared a selection of achievements of modern science and technology for the most lazy people. So let's see if you, of course, are not lazy.

Inventions for the lazy

  1. Brush on the radio control.
  2. Brush on the radio control

  3. Special scoop for cleaning a broom.
  4. Scoop for cleaning a broom

  5. A modern trash can. It has a sensor for opening without hands and a wi-fi connection for signaling that it's time to take out the garbage or run out of garbage bags ...
  6. Trash can with wi-fi connection

    ... oh yes, below is a small vacuum cleaner.


  7. Clothes for the child. Now the floor will rub it.
  8. The child crawls on the floor

  9. Soap and a brush for pets. two in one.
  10. Soap and a brush for pets

  11. A robot for cleaning your gadget screens.
  12. Robot for cleaning screens

  13. Door mat that absorbs dirt.
  14. Door mat

  15. Self-cleaning brush.
  16. Self-cleaning brush

  17. A magnetized brush for cleaning the inside of the containers.
  18. Brush for cleaning containers

  19. Rugs for the gas stove.
  20. Mats for gas cookers

  21. Plaid, which is convenient to wipe the monitors.
  22. Plaid for monitors

  23. This toothbrush is wound on a tube with toothpaste.
  24. Toothbrush on a tube of toothpaste

  25. Brush for cleaning corn.
  26. Brush for cleaning corn

  27. Wand-bidet. You type in water, press a button and use it as a bidet.
  28. Wand-bidet

  29. Special sponges for which no soap is needed.
  30. Unusual sponges

  31. Guess what it is? Before you is a toothbrush that is placed in the mouth and it cleans all teeth at the same time in 6 seconds.
  32. Unusual toothbrush

  33. Special disinfecting device. Just click on the button and hold it over the desired surface.
  34. Special disinfecting device

  35. Necktie with microfibre lining.
  36. Tie with microfibre lining

  37. Glasses cleaners.
  38. Glasses cleaners

  39. Special gel for cleaning the keyboard.
  40. Gel for cleaning the keyboard

  41. Each time you open the cover, it cleans the camera lens.
  42. Camera case

  43. Stain removers for those who do not like to bend. Threw, staggered, the spot disappeared.
  44. Unusual stain removers

  45. Robot for washing windows.
  46. Robot for washing windows

  47. Shoes for rubbing the floor.
    Shoes for rubbing the floor

  48. A bin in which there are several bags. Pulled out the top and you can fill the bucket with trash again.
  49. bin

  50. Dish washing agent in a container that does not need to be lifted. Pressed and washed.
  51. Dish-washing agent in a container

  52. A dust ball.
  53. Dust ball

  54. Device for fast washing of cutlery.
  55. Appliance for washing cutlery

  56. Dryer for the whole body.

Agree that the people who invented all this, obviously did not seek to spend extra calories for cleaning and other Home routines.

If one of your friends is the same, then tell him about these wonders of technology, maybe he will want to buy something.