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Decoupage of furniture

Decoupage - very beautiful decoration techniqueDifferent subjects. Usually furniture decorate, attaching to it interesting drawings and ornaments - for example, using ordinary paper napkins and lacquer can create a real masterpiece. But this woman invented a completely new Decoupage technique!!

You can apply the original drawing, not evenGluing to the furniture a foreign part. And it will look impressive, like a real decoupage! Retro style is now in vogue, so this idea will help you to renovate the furniture at home or at the dacha, giving it an elegant look.

Decoupage of furniture with their own hands

You will need

  • A piece of old curtains
  • Balloon with paint of the right color


The principle of this creative work is very simple: You need to put a piece of cloth on the surface you are interested in. It is better to fasten the curtain or patterned fabric so that it does not slip. Now it's enough just to spray the paint from the can on the surface and let it dry for a few minutes. Voila! The magic pattern is ready. Taking off the cloth, you can not keep the delight - so gorgeous will the pattern.

Decoupage by curtains

Very cool look contrasting colors. Gold on blue is a classic.

Decoupage by curtains

You can go the other way and choose a more saturated shade of the base color. This pattern also has a wonderful appearance!

Decoupage of the dresser

Furniture is completely transformed when it is inflicted with a strange pattern.

Decoupage of the dresser

Chairs - a field for endless experiments.

Decoupage chair

Is it a chair or a work of art?

Decoupage chair

The temptation to transform with Decoupage techniques A chair, a chest of drawers, a table or a mirror is great. Very little time and money, but what an effective result! In addition, such work will bring you pleasure from the process and the result will be rapid, and this is sometimes so important for impulsive creative natures.

Do not rush to throw out the old curtains, they will help you make the world around a little more beautiful.