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10 books for women

Books - The best way to get a little distracted from reality is to relax both morally and physically. Every literary work is a whole world, whose inhabitants are giving us important life lessons.

Today "so simple!" Made a small selection of books for women, which is worth reading to everyone. Among them there are classical and modern works, but all of them will please the representatives of the fair sex!

10 books for women

  1. "Life is borrowed". E. Remark
    Life on loan

    This work teaches us to appreciate every moment and live every day as the last, because no one knows what awaits us for a new turn of life.

  2. "More precious than life itself". Alice Manroe
    More expensive than life itself

    When you read this book, it seems that it is written about you, not for nothing that the writer was nominated for a Nobel Prize.

  3. "Singing in thorns." Colin McCullough
    The thorns

    A work that destroys all stereotypes about romance novels, as a light and uninteresting fiction. An extraordinary world that captivates the reader from the first pages of the book.

  4. "there is. pray. be in love". Elizabeth Gilbert
    There is a pray to love

    This book is about finding a way to yourself and to a happy life. A book that is worth reading.

  5. "chocolate". Joanne Harris

    In a small forgotten town come mother and daughter and open a chocolate shop there, and then the inhabitants of the town are waited by the magic of love, which lurks in chocolate ...

  6. "dangerous ties". Shoderlo de laklo
    dangerous ties

    A novel about intrigues for revenge, human weaknesses and shortcomings. Be sure to read!

  7. "A refuge. A diary in letters. " Anna franc
    Anna franc diary

    Anna franc died in a concentration camp when she was only 15. she did not write books, but only kept a diary that would touch everyone's heart ...

  8. "The mistress of the French lieutenant." John Fowles
    Fowles book

    Another unusual novel about love, in which you can even visit the author of the book. This book has two unexpected possible solutions, and you decide what will happen in the end.

  9. "gone With the Wind". Margaret Mitchell
    gone With the Wind

    This story is familiar to every woman. This book is about love and disappointment, about friendship and betrayal and, of course, about a terrible war. A book that you always want to return to ...

  10. "Story of a servant". Margaret atwood
    The story of a maid

    This book is about a world in which women's rights are too infringed. In this world, a woman is only a servant for a man.

Be sure to take the time to read those books from this list that you have not read. Maybe they will give you answers to some questions and help solve your problems.

And tell them about your friends!