/ / Verse "Somehow grandmother Yaga wanted to marry ..."

Verse "Somehow grandmother Yaga wanted to marry ..."

There are periods in life when a bad moodAccompanies you everywhere, you do not want to do anything, and the weather does not help. Do not need to be sad, this happens periodically with everyone. in order to Overcome a bad mood And lift the spirit, you can drink a delicious tea, take a relaxing bath, watch your favorite movie or something to read.

We suggest that you pay attention to this verse. He immediately cheers you up! Everyone will find in this work something interesting for themselves, because there are so many people, so many opinions.

Verse "somehow grandmother yaga wanted to marry ..."

Somehow grandmother yaga wanted to marry ...
Choosing the suitors, she set to work:
Characters entered in the list of candidates ...
Against everyone in the line is the result of the debate!

Here it is, a list of poems
About possible suitors:

Snake gorynych - he's a freak,
Day and night, eating three mugs!

Clutching koschey over gold withers ...
And for a long time already bad smells!

Leshy as a shoemaker drinks,
Songs stupid yelling!

Water swell from beer ...
He is pot-bellied, ugly!

Well, Ivan - absolutely a fool,
He does not marry in any way!

And emele - everything would lie ...
How to give birth to children?

In a word, if you look,
In the girls better to die!

But somehow in the evening in a carriage
The king's offspring returned.

Horses were very tired
And stopped in the forest!

Here the yaga caught a glimpse:
Finally struck the hour!

Was invited to visit,
Treat and indulge.

Degree did its job:
Grandmother got a grip!

The king's eyes covered the eyes ...
In the morning - his trace caught cold!

If the blood becomes cold with fear,
Really, what kind of love there is.

And such, brother, business:
Grandmother's son gave birth!

A steep turn of life ...
Who believes in fairy tales, he will understand.

Since yaga is not alone,
Keeps a lamb more than anything ...

The child by leaps and bounds grows,
And the breast suckles dry.

And immediately (that's what it is)
Mother from the cares of youth!

Her sides recovered,
A cheek filled his cheek.

The hut in order resulted:
The pipe washed white,

All the windows glazed,
Flowers planted flowers.

Washed the walls, swept,
I cleaned the whole web.

Lives with a baby in a light house
Not a woman, a young woman!

The prince goes sad, gloomy ...
A son is born out of wedlock in a thicket.

You look - the pouring father!
Do not call the woman under the crown!

Well, the yaga lives carelessly,
And "all in a bundle" in the affairs of the heart!

And there are no brooms, and no stupas ...
And instead of them - a cabriolet!

Here's a lesson: do not wait for old age,
Since the husband-prince did not get it.

Let it be my husband for an hour -
The child will make you happy!

Shut up, girls,
In the "classmates" of the page

And do not believe in the Internet.
There's no fiance there!

Everyone has his own understanding of this verse about the adventures of a woman-yaga. Many believe that he calls Do not wait for the princes And do not look for them on the Internet. Although in our time many have found their soul mate just like that. And also think about the fact that children are able to make any woman happy and beautiful. Take this verse with a smile!

If you still have friends who do not believe that poems can raise your spirits - share with them this humorous creation!