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Walking for weight loss

Walking is so convenient exercise stress!! To walk, do not need any additional devices. It's enough just to walk instead of traveling by bus, and calories will be wasted!

The main thing is to know the basic principles of walking,So that weight loss is as effective as possible. In just 5 months of constant daily walking, people with excess weight managed to lose up to 10 kg, not particularly limiting themselves to eating. Having learned these simple truths of walking for weight loss, you can lose weight during walks!

Walking, losing weight

The two main factors that affect weight loss During walks: the person's body weight and the speed that he chose for the walk. You do not have to walk too fast - you will get tired, but slow walking also does not give good results.

Adhere to the average pace of the movement. 400 calories per hour you will burn at a walking speed of 5 km / h. Mark the time of the walk, choose the road on which the ups are coming up, go cheerfully. It is important to watch your breathing: breathe smoothly and deeply, do not hold your breath.


Simple walking math: Passed 1 km per day = about 1200-1300 steps and 300 calories burned. To lose 500 g of excess weight, you need to burn 3,500 calories. To lose 500 grams of excess weight per week you need to burn 500 calories every day. To lose half a kilogram of weight per week, you need to go 2 km on foot every day! Impressive.

Walking for weight loss

  1. Do not be afraid of diversity! Invite you to walk friends and acquaintances, walk with pets, go to places where other people walk.
  2. Change location, go to unfamiliar places! Music in the player will give you cheerfulness, while walking your favorite songs are very appropriate. The pedometer will be useful - by measuring the number of steps passed, it will motivate you to continue walking.
  3. Park your car near your destination and pass this stretch of the path on foot.
  4. Go on foot to work and back home.
  5. Walk on the stairs! Legs become surprisingly slender due to the steps.
  6. Walk with the children.
  7. Choose Walking tour, And not public transportation, when it is possible.

Go with a straight back, keep your stomach tightened. Start with a walk 3 times a week for 20 minutes, gradually increase this time. Walking will strengthen your health and help keep your muscles toned.

If the time for the gym is very difficult to allocate, try to use walking as a method of losing weight. Enjoy walking with good health and appearance!