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11 Ways to Become Feminine

Many of the fair sex dreamAbout finding and keeping a man. They write to the gym, beauty salon, review the best culinary shows, buy sexy clothes and underwear, but still remain at the broken trough. If you belong to the number of those who still can not meet their love, reread our article. It will help you to see and fix mistakes!

Feminine girl

What prevents to become womanly

  1. Complaints
    There is a slight difference between the complaint and the request,And it is in the mood. Do not complain, but say what you feel, because if you complain, then someone will become guilty. And learn to consult with a man, and not put it before the fact.
  2. Life with the flow
    Try to put love in everything that you do.
  3. Men's sports and recreation
    Do you really think that Become feminine, If you are on a par with men watching football and drinking beer on the couch?
  4. Absence of girlfriends
    A woman for intimate communication needs women. A former classmate or colleague to work as a waistcoat or best girlfriend is not suitable.
  5. Lack of personal time
    Learn to spend time just for yourself and for women's nonsense. A woman must necessarily spend time on nonsense, and money sometimes too.
  6. Lack of care for your body
    No comments.
  7. Lack of creativity
    Every woman should have her own space for creativity: flowers, flower beds, interiors, photography ...
  8. Overflow of communication
    A woman should only communicate with those whoLoves, and always be in the comfort zone. With men all the way around. If he communicates with those who do not like him, he overcomes difficulties and develops. Conclusion: do not do what you do not like!
  9. Attempt to lead
    Yes, the fairer sex is very goodManage to manage, but it is better not to do it, because it is contrary to the female nature. A woman should inspire, and external problems must be trusted to solve a man. Often a woman herself asks for a loan, and then she goes crazy about how to pay it. Remember: such issues are solved only by a man, and a woman is better not to know about it at all.
  10. Excessive social activity
    Actively taking part in the decision of socialQuestions, women try to compensate for the lack of love. However, you will disappoint: in fact it does not work. Engage in external activities only in his spare time from family responsibilities and only for the soul.
  11. pants
    For sure you know that the trousers are maleclothes. Revise your wardrobe: if you have a limited, meager, pale or unloved wardrobe, urgently update it. For a man, a wardrobe with clothes does not mean anything, but for a woman it's a whole world.

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