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Scientific experiments for children

Competently take a child when you have manyFree time, - that still a task. Not always classes from which children enjoy are useful to them. Watching cartoons, computer games and mobile fun at home - clearly not the best Pastime option.

The inventive parents have to go toTricks and invent something original to permanently entice the restless violators of peace and quiet in the house. The leisure of the child must be organized with the benefit! And these scientific experiments are the best example of such a Leisure activities.

Scientific experiments for children

  1. rocket
    From the usual tea bag take out the contents. Yes, this trash can be thrown away without regret.
    How to make a rocket

    Make a missile like a Chinese lantern from the sachet.

    How to make a rocket

    When firing, a small rocket will fly into the air! Of course, such experiments should be conducted only with adults and in the fresh air.

  2. How to make a rocket

  3. Force of osmosis
    In a few tanks, pour water and add food colors of different colors.
    Force of osmosis

    Put stalks of celery in colored water. When the kid notices that the plants are painted in the color of water, his surprise will not be the limit!

  4. Force of osmosis

  5. Tornado in the bank
    Add a little detergent in a jar of water and thoroughly shake it in a circular motion.
    Tornado in the bank

    A whirlwind that will turn inside the jar, will remind you and the child a real hurricane!

  6. Tornado in the bank

  7. a magnetic field
    A classic trick with a battery: that's what happens if you attach two wires to different poles ...
    Experience with battery

    The battery will spin! The strength of the magnetic field is incredible.

  8. Experience with battery

  9. Magic of swimming
    Place the packaging from under the ketchup in a plastic bottle of water. Then, how she will behave there, the child will bewitch!
  10. Magic of swimming

  11. Wandering water
    Water, which moves from glass to glass by itself, is a real miracle. With the help of a small piece of cloth you can arrange a whole idea ...
  12. Wandering water

  13. Strong bubbles
    If you add glycerin to the soap solution, the bubbles will turn out to be very dense and strong.
    Strong bubbles

    A feast for the eyes!

  14. Strong bubbles

    Strong bubbles

  15. Experiment with water
    Set up an improvised laboratory in the kitchen and find out what substances are dissolved in water, and which ones are not. This is the plan for the evening!
  16. Experiment with a wave

Love of science has been planted since childhood! All parents should remember this and choose alternative Developmental activities for children Instead of a waste of time. The most interesting is that parents will also like such entertainment: the spirit of research is present in every person. Especially when experiments are so funny ...

Show other parents these ideas, without them at the weekend, anywhere!