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16 ideas for decor boxes

It turns out, in wooden boxes you can store not only potatoes. If you have the imagination and desire you can without any special financial costs Update your interior And surprise family and friends.

If you have several empty wooden boxes in the country house - you can safely embody your very Extravagant ideas. Look and be inspired!

Wooden box for interior

  1. Dye boxes in bright colors - and the original shelves for the children's room are ready!
  2. Interior drawer

  3. You can turn the box into a convenient and creative ottoman.
  4. Interior drawer

  5. Putting the boxes in this way, you will build an unusual coffee table.
  6. Interior drawer

  7. Wooden boxes are ideal for storing different things.
  8. Interior drawer

  9. Boxes can easily fit into the interior of the hallway.
  10. Interior drawer

  11. And even a bathroom!
  12. Interior drawer

  13. Wooden boxes emphasize the originality of the traveler's office.
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  15. Boxes placed under a wooden bed, can serve not only for storing bed linen, but also for other useful things.
  16. Interior drawer

  17. Inverted boxes will help create the atmosphere of a village wedding.
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  19. Boxes with flowers, set in the center of the table, can look like stylish vases.
  20. Interior drawer

  21. Changing the location of the boxes, create a shelf-transformer.
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  23. Ideal for storing blankets and pillows.
  24. Interior drawer

  25. Placing a lighting device inside the box, you will get an unusual evening lighting.
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  27. Paint boxes in different colors and hang on the fence, decorate with bright pots.
  28. Interior drawer

  29. Having hung boxes from smaller to bigger, create original containers for storing spices, herbs and flowers.
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  31. Packing boxes with different labels will serve as shelves for the vintage nightstand.
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If you have a few wooden boxes in the cottage, do not rush to throw them away! Perhaps, our article will inspire you to new and bold ideas.

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