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Signs of the introvert

Be an introvert - great! The myth that they are quiet, modest and shy people, scattered in the wind. The fact that sometimes it is vitally important for you to be alone is not bad at all. This is the main difference between the introvert and the extrovert: each draws energy from the environment as he can.

Someone needs a noisy company toFeel yourself full of vitality, and someone chooses loneliness as a life-giving source. If you are close to things that are discussed below, your personality is dominated by Features of the introvert. And you are very lucky!

Signs of introvert

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  1. You do not like the crowd
    You feel uncomfortable in a crowd of people, andIt's clear. Where the crowd, all merge together, the individuality is lost. The herd instinct disgusts you, screaming the enthusiastic crowd seems monstrous to you, but all because you are used to thinking with your head, and not giving in to influence.
  2. You are careful with new acquaintances
    Very close to people very carefully, moreYou make old friends happy. This does not mean that it's difficult for you to communicate with strangers: you simply understand the complexity of each person and you can foresee what it is worth to wait for. Introverts are very good at people.
  3. You are eloquent
    In the public, introverts can often be foldedSpeak and be amazingly eloquent: toast, speech, speech - trumps of the educated introvert. But competitions, parties and friendly tusovka introverts are incomprehensible, he instinctively chooses entertainment of a different kind.
  4. You love extroverts
    In your environment there are many active, talkative, extremely energetic extroverts. Opposites stretch to each other, and such an alliance is incredibly fruitful.
  5. You are worried about important meetings
    Unknown people and places cause your excitement: You need to show yourself! Can I? It's such a responsibility ... but as soon as you get used to it, it's not worth it to hit the interlocutor to the depths of your soul. Introverts know how to submit themselves.
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  7. You are a faithful friend
    You are honest, because you do not care what people think aboutYou are different. The greatest value is to be honest with yourself. The tortures of conscience that persecute the introvert are terrible, so he avoids situations that can cause them.
  8. Are you buddha
    Sometimes you want to be lazy to the point,That there is no desire not only to do nothing, but thinking is becoming an extra venture. Laziness, emptiness, complete relaxation are the resources that feed the introvert system and enable it to continue to live a happy life. The introvert was lucky - he is self-sufficient to the full, he does not need anyone and nothing for happiness, he is perfect. This irrepressible extrovert is always looking for, than to fill his emptiness.
  9. You are not in a hurry
    Introverts are not in a hurry, but they manage everything. You will not postpone your occupation to respond to a sudden message: you can learn the correct arrangement of priorities in the introvert.
  10. You are incredulous
    Your distrust means what you perceiveLife in a comprehensive way, considering all the factors. You are disappointed in everything in advance, but it gives you the strength to withstand in any situation, and yet - the ability to prevent terrible events.
  11. you are a creative person
    Creativity is freedom, everyone knows about itIntroverts. Their inner potential is expressed in art, no matter what they do. Any business introvert will turn into an act of creativity, whether it's cooking dinner or choosing your clothes. Introverts love to draw, photograph, sing and dance, and they do it not for the attention of the public, but for the soul.
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  13. You are polite
    Introverts judge people by themselves, so they are characterized by sensitivity and empathy. They are very attentive to the details, and it so captivates ...
  14. you are planning
    Think over the upcoming business and plan -Important lessons for any introvert. You know how to come up with a plan that will be winning from all sides. The future does not frighten you at all - you have your own plans for it.
  15. you wise
    At least, the people around you think so. Time spent alone, has gone to your advantage - you have become a mature person earlier than others, your experience is backed by internal self-analysis.
  16. You know what you want
    It's just a treasure, not a character trait! Introvert is different from people who have seven Fridays in a week - he is always clear in his desires and convictions, and therefore - reliable for others.
  17. You are a dreamer
    You like to dream, and this opens up wonderful prospects for you: no restrictions, everything is possible in life ...

Introverts know how to maintain a balance between communicationAnd work on themselves, because they are in harmony with the world. The ability not to spray yourself on trifling matters and unnecessary communication helps introverts to go to their own success and become better day by day. Each of us is inherent Features of the introvert and that is great! Tell your friends who are true introverts.