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Ideas for using concrete blocks

Decorating the space of a house or territoryNear him recently is done mainly by the hosts. Because what is built and done by yourself is a real pride. For this, absolutely different materials are used.

We offer you 17 creative ideas for using concrete blocks as a Element decor. They, as a rule, are used for the construction of buildings. But when fantasy works in the right direction, you can turn them into anything.

Ideas for the use of concrete blocks

  1. Excellent shelves for storing personal belongings.
  2. Shelves of concrete

  3. A great idea for keeping books.
  4. Storage of books

  5. Creative shop near the pool.
  6. Bench made of concrete

  7. A place to relax near the house ...
  8. Place for rest

  9. Nice idea for the nursery.
  10. Idea for a child

  11. Simple and tasteful.
  12. Concrete decoration

  13. If concrete blocks remain after construction, they can find such a wonderful application.
  14. concrete

  15. Comfortable table.
  16. Table of concrete

  17. The fireplace looks like it's in an expensive hotel, not in a country house.
  18. Fireplace made of concrete

  19. For those who love originality.
  20. bed

  21. A series of photographs "how to use concrete blocks in floriculture".
  22. Concrete blocks

    Concrete blocks

    Concrete blocks

    Concrete blocks

    Concrete blocks

    Concrete blocks

  23. Comfortable shelves. Looks very creative, agree.
  24. Concrete blocks

Those who do not like furniture from the store, suggest using unusual things for the design. Connect fantasy and create!

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