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Saving lives with your mobile phone

With a heart attack every second on the account, as it may occur Oxygen starvation, Which is particularly sensitive to nervousCells of the brain. After five minutes of hypoxia irreversible changes occur in them, and then it is almost impossible to get a person out of the state of clinical death.

Probability that ambulance Will arrive very quickly, is minimal. So the resourceful Swede came up with something that helps save the lives of many people in his country.

Use of mobile phone

Nurse David Fredman works in the emergency room. He together with his team often saves people who call an ambulance, feeling the first symptoms of an impending attack.

There are also 2 million people in Sweden whoAre trained to provide first aid, but a person may not know that at this moment, for example, his neighbor is nearby and needs such a service. So David Fredman decided to use these unused resources.


In May 2010 the following project was launched: Whenever a call comes on the hot line and at the other end a person needs an ambulance, the sms with the geographic coordinates of the patient comes to all registered people who are 500 meters from the scene.

Anyone who is over 18 years of age can register for such a mailing, is able to provide first aid and has a sufficient level of psychological stability.


An average of 15 people receive an emergency SMSAfter the call arrives. The project of David Fredman works. In 40% of cases people have time to come to the aid of the victim before the arrival of the ambulance. This is very important, because the chances of survival are diminishing by the minute.


Countries like Norway and Denmark want to learn from this experience.

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