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20 accessories for rest

It's summer, which means that you can already get out every weekend from boring offices and your favorite couch and spend time outdoors with your friends and family.

In connection with this edition "so simple!" Made for you an interesting selection of stunning accessories that will make your holiday unforgettable. There are things for every taste: and for those who love leisure, And for those who simply would like to soak up the sun on their day off.

Accessories for rest

  1. The surface of this table is a solar battery, so you can recharge your gadgets in nature.
  2. Table with solar battery

  3. A comfortable desktop with a flower pot - for a balcony
  4. Desktop

  5. Soft hammock
  6. Soft hammock

  7. This sofa can be easily done by yourself. You only need pillows, concrete blocks and wooden beams.
  8. sofa

  9. Floating set for playing table tennis in the pool
  10. table tennis

  11. Inflatable open-air cinema in your own yard
  12. Inflatable cinema

  13. A comfortable picnic table with chairs-transformers
  14. Picnic table

  15. Hanging cocoon
  16. Hanging cocoon

  17. Such a house will protect you from the wind, rain and insects in nature.
  18. Transparent house

  19. Floating "island" for playing golf
  20. Islet

  21. Bath for the pet, which will be very hot in the summer
  22. Bath for the dog

  23. Floating drink holder
  24. Cup holder

  25. This sandbox on wheels can be located anywhere.
  26. Sandbox on wheels

  27. Here it is, the perfect place for a holiday in the summer.
  28. Place for rest

  29. Children's water slide, based on the film "jaw"
  30. water slide

  31. Jacuzzi, lined with wooden boards and heated by conventional firewood
  32. jacuzzi

  33. Double hammock with canopy
  34. Hammock with canopy

  35. Decorated cooler
  36. Cooler

  37. 3 in 1: cooler, cocktail table and a regular tea table
  38. tea table

  39. Huge janga, which can be made from boards
  40. Janga

Do it yourself or buy yourself the things you like, so that your holiday really becomes unforgettable with these steep devices. And share this article with your friends!