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Ideas for yard design

With the advent of summer, many are taken to ennoble Territory near the house Or giving. In the standard cleaning plan, you can add a few ideas that will make the yard more cozy for spending time with loved ones.

We have prepared for you 15 ideas that are not only practical, but also quickly realizable. What is needed for The original courtyard!!

Ideas for yard design

  1. Plant your own fence!!
  2. fence

  3. Idea for neat Flower beds.
  4. Bed

  5. Here's how you can use the old pallet!
  6. Stand for pots

  7. Place for rest and reading. I dream about this for many years ...
  8. Place for rest

  9. That's what will happen if you paint pots with fluorescent paint!
  10. a flower pot

  11. Non-standard Booth for a dog.
  12. Booth for a dog

  13. Pvc-hanger for towels. Ideally, if there is a swimming pool near the house.
  14. towel hanger

  15. The dull tile became bright.
  16. Bright tiles

  17. Old children's bicycle as an ornament in the garden.
  18. Old bicycle

  19. There are no unnecessary things - there is a deficit of fantasy. Shop from pallets to prove it!
  20. Shop photo

  21. An interesting idea, is not it?
  22. Table in the street

  23. Fountain of lek.
  24. fountain

  25. The hose can be stored in a copper boiler.
  26. hose

  27. Board for children.
  28. Board for children

  29. Old kitchen boxes can be a great place for flowers.
  30. Old boxes

Private courtyard design - it's so exciting! We hope that you liked some photo-ideas and you will take them to the note. Include fantasy and do better based on these tips.

Share ideas with the friends on the design of the yard!