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How to organize a wedding for a month

Wedding is a long-awaited event in the life of eachA girl who ideally only once in a lifetime. So all the girls dream of an ideal holiday. The organization of this celebration often requires a lot of time. For example, royal weddings are prepared for at least a year, and standard Time to prepare for the wedding In Europe and the US - about 6 months.

But what to do if the circumstances have developedSo that you need to organize a wedding in just 30 days? The first - in no case panic. This, of course, is not so much time, but you can still make it Holiday of your dreams, So you need to correctly allocate your strength and time.

"so simple!" Will tell you how to make it so that the wedding does not turn out to be "crumpled", you managed everything and did not forget anything.

Wedding for 30 days

  1. Let's say that you have already applied to the registry office with the candidate, so first of all you need to decide on the budget of the holiday, the overall picture and the style of the wedding.

    When you determine the amount you can affordAllow for the organization of the celebration, make an approximate plan of embezzlement and consistently adhere to it so that it does not turn out that you went far beyond the scope of one of the articles of embezzlement and you need to reshape the whole budget by changing all the elements of the wedding.

    All tasks and stages of preparation need to be distributedBetween people who will directly help you in organizing the celebration: the groom, girlfriends, relatives and wedding organizers. When you have 3-6 months to prepare, then you yourself could be involved in the whole process, but since you are short of time, distribute the roles as follows ...

    bride: Buying a wedding dress, ordering a bouquet, wedding stylist, florists, choosing a cake, ordering a restaurant and choosing a wedding coordinator.

    Bridegroom: The order of the wedding transport, the choice of the photographer and the videographer, the presenter, the order of alcohol.

    Together the bride and groom: The choice of wedding rings, menus and entertainment, if any.

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  2. Choosing a wedding venue is one of the main elements in organizing a celebration, because banquet - the longest part of the wedding, whichDetermines its mood. To start, pick up several potential venues for the celebration and immediately start ringing out the institutions, because the harder the season, the harder it will be for you to find a place to hold your perfect wedding.

    Be ready to go straight to the restaurant forSigning the agreement and paying for the reservation on the same day, so that the place is left for you. In the restaurant you must definitely specify such details as the conditions for alcohol, the availability of service charges, the situation with music and other issues of interest to you.

    A lot of restaurants cooperate withTheir decorators, musicians and presenter, it's better to immediately abandon such options, because in the end you can spend much more money and deprive yourself of the right to choose.

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  4. after Restaurant reservations And ordering the menu you need to negotiate with the photographer andVideographer. This is very important, because the photo and video - this is something that will remain with you from this important day, in addition to memories. So it's better to spend a day or two more, but choose the real professionals.

    Then it's up to the make-up artist or stylist, the florist, the wedding coordinator, the leader and the transport.

    bride and groom

    If you need to organize a wedding for a month -Do not waste a single minute in vain. You have weekends, time after work and lunch break to meet with professionals, choose clothes, buy rings, order a cake and other troubles. Wedding organization For a month - still that stress, therefore it is possible to miss something. So that you do not forget the slightest detail, we have prepared a scheme that will help you think through everything.

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Believe in yourself and in your strength, then you will manage to organize a holiday of your dreams in just a month. No one can even think that you had only 30 days to organize such a Chic celebration!!